Iraq: Still Not "Getting It"

Now that the pyramid of powder kegs Bush's Iraqi adventure has built (symbolizing nicely the Sunni Triange) is sitting with their fuses fully exposed ready to be lit, the American electorate is left to wonder what the final act will be to ignite them precipitating the civil war most students of Iraqi history knew would be likely as the outcome of our subsequent invasion/occupation. As Daily Kos' SusanG points out this morning, the Pentagon has downgraded all Iraqi battalions to non-ready status leaving the entire mess in the lap of the American military.

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William F. Buckley; We have failed in Iraq.

A bombshell has just been dropped in the lap of George W. Bush. William F. Buckley has written a column in the National Review that the war in Iraq has been lost, and we should think about the next step to be taken to bring our troops home.
   As we all know, Buckley is in no way, shape or form and kind of a liberal, yet even he now realizes that all is lost in Iraq. The blast at the Shiite holy shrine yesterday was the final straw in the back for Buckley.  He has steadily seen the situation get worse, and he wants to limit the suffering and death from our troops.
   Even the falafel man himself, Bill O'Reilly, and Geraldo Rivera are now convinced that the situation in Iraq is no longer winnable, but for Buckley himself to come out and publicly say so, has to be akin to Walter Cronkite going on the air for CBS news, and saying we couldn't win the war in Vietnam.

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Bill OReilly say "Cut and RUN !"

Bill O'Reilly says "hand over everything to the Iraqis as fast as humanly possible."

Hmmm, what happened to all the talk about "putting our troops in harm's way,""giving aid and comfort to the enemy,""traitors," and "treason?"

Not to mention smearing the officers, veterans, and families ?

And dividing the country for the last 4 years ? 07

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Whole New World

I spent most of this morning combing microfiche at the Salt Lake City library, more on that later.  Aside from my realization that there is real business opportunity in converting newspaper archives to digital combined with even a rough OCR index, I found my activities of pillaging old newspapers a marked contradiction from today's news.

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Bush thinks Seattle-area peace activists are terrorists.

More evidence has surfaced that Bush was not sincere when he said that we must fight a war against terror and that the war can be won and must be won. Most of us know about the UAE port deal with a country whose royal family once sheltered Bin Laden from a CIA attack that would have killed him. But there is another piece of evidence that Bush is not sincere when talks about terrorists - he considers peace activists to be terrorists.

Most of us would think of terrorists as people like Bin Laden whose purpose is to kill innocent civilians at random for political purposes. But not Bush. He thinks that anybody who expresses their First-Amendment right to dissent from the President's policies is a terrorist and must be tracked as much as possible. The Seattle Post-Intelligencer link provides a list of Washington-area peace groups who have been spied on by the Bush administration.

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