And The Times Argus Weighs In on THEIR QUESTION to Hillary

Well, it seems the Argus Leader must have received inquiries or heard comments being made against Senator Clinton's response on staying in the race and they went on the record for some trying to distort what Senator Clinton's response was and their apparent desperate attempt to spin it.

The Argus Leader’s Executive Editor Randell Beck issued the following statement today:

Statement from the Argus Leader

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MUST SEE: Clinton on O'Reilly

Her comments on Iraq and Pakistan were brilliantly informed.
She did an amazing job.  Clinton was able to come out like she has never
been able to in the debates.
Round two is coming up.

Watch, watch watch.

Part Two of O'Relly's interview of Hillary Clinton airs at 8 p.m. / 11 p.m. ET on Fox

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Bill Clinton tells another fairy tale on the race card

Yesterday, Bill Clinton blamed Obama for playing the race card in South Carolina:

"I think that they played the race card on me. We now know, from memos from the campaign that they planned to do it along." - President Bill Clinton.

And that's how President Clinton begins his answer to WHYY's Susan Phillips who, during a phone interview earlier this evening, asked the President how he feels about one Philadelphia official who says she switched her support after interpreting Clinton's remarks in South Carolina as an attempt to marginalize Obama as "the black candidate."

The problem is, it WAS the Clinton's who started the whole discussion. Obama had nothing to gain by raising the issue of race.  Hillary did.  Even Hillary's campaign staff admitted that they were trying to paint Obama as the black candidate.

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What the hell is Bill Clinton talking about?

On April 21, 2008, Bill Clinton gave an interview with WHYY reporter Susan Phillips and I can't believe after the Bosnia Sniper lie they would be bold enough to lie again.

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Hillary the Uniter Impresses <em>Scaife</em>

Given my dealings with some friends who fully believe what Rush Limbaugh says, I know first hand that it takes great patience and diplomatic skills to have productive  conversations with people who staunchly disagree with me -- and to end on a positive note.

Once again, Hillary Clinton proved her ability to work with people who intensely disagree with her and to leave the door wide-open for future conversations.  And she just bagged the elephant, so to speak:  Richard Melon Scaife, the outspoken billionaire right-wing owner of the Pittsburgh-Tribune Review -- a man with a documented history of being anything but fond of the Clintons.

My jaw is still on the floor over how positive Mr. Scaife's written reaction to Hillary is:

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