Exclusive interview with 1980 candidate John Anderson

from my blog, Basie!

My interviews with Sander Vanocur, Bill Keller, and Patrick Guerriero are also available

This afternoon I had the opportunity to speak with John Anderson via telephone from his home in Florida. Between 1961 and 1981, Mr. Anderson served ten terms as U.S. Representative to Congress from the 16th District of Illinois. He served on the House Rules Committee and for a decade was Chairman of the House Republican Conference. He received 6 million votes as an Independent candidate in 1980 and has served as chair of the Center for Voting and Democracy since 1996. He is also currently a law professor at Nova Southeastern University.

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Basie! interview with NY Times Executive Editor

this interview appeared originally on Basie!

This morning I had the opportunity to have a conversation with Bill Keller, the Executive Editor of the New York Times. Mr. Keller, who was named executive editor of The New York Times in July 2003, was in Claremont, California for a function at Pomona College. To begin, I wanted to give Mr. Keller the opportunity to respond to some of the criticism his paper has felt from the blogosphere as of late.

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