Battle lines forming over jobs in Dem House majority

Over the last year, Speaker Pelosi has moved from manually aided lefty druther to odds-on bet.

And, to prove it, the Lioness garners profiles in the Post (on A1 on Saturday) and the LA Times (ditto).

But the Speaker-elect may well be up to her - knees, shall we say? - in internecine strife well before she gets to park her posterior in her chair of office.

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Dem-controlled House: likely leadership battles

The way things are moving, the Dems are (by some margin) more likely than not going to control the 110th House.

So it's worthwhile raising one or two of the personnel issues that will be facing the party in that event.

So far, we've got a likely election for Majority Leader between Hoyer and Murtha; and Rahmbo has said he's quitting the DCCC Chair at the end of this Congress, supposedly to spend more time with his family (oh yes...).

What about the rest of the posts?

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Harman Pushed Off of Intelligence Committee by Pelosi?

Thanks to budlawman, I came upon this article on a Pelosi-Harman fight.

Rep. Jane Harman, who has gained national prominence as the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, is fighting to hold on to the job amid indications she will be rotated off the panel next year.

The dispute pits the Venice lawmaker against House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco. Its outcome could determine what role Harman, who once ran for California governor and is one of the most quoted Democrats on intelligence matters, will play in the next Congress -- if she is reelected.

Pelosi has informed colleagues that she intends to force Harman to step down, replacing her with Rep. Alcee L. Hastings of Florida, the second most senior Democrat on the intelligence panel.

It's hard to tell if this has to do with Pelosi placating the CBC, if Pelosi is fed up with Harman, or if this is just a normal rotation off the committee.  It might be all three.  I do know Pelosi is incredibly angry about intelligence matters and how they have been handled by Bush.  She feels personally affronted.

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Harman/Alcee Hastings brouhaha bubbling up

Updating my pieces yesterday and on Monday - it now seems that Harman is refusing to go quietly from her position as top Dem on the HIC.

(The fact that the Dems are looking daily more likely to control the 110th House naturally has nothing to do with it!)

The LA Times has her push-back.

The Pelosi camp's talk about this being a routine rotation of personnel is debunked: the rotation rule doesn't apply to the chairman or ranking member.

And we're reminded that the 9/11 Commission

was harshly critical of congressional oversight of U.S. spy agencies, and faulted term limits in particular for forcing lawmakers to leave after they had developed expertise in the arcane world of espionage.

No doubt, when Harman gets the plausible deniability sorted out, we'll be hearing some more about Alcee Hastings' interesting past...

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On Alcee Hastings, where does one start?

MyDD is nothing if not educational.

And following up my piece on Monday has been no exception.

The piece introduced (to me, at least) the fascinating story of Alcee Hastings, formerly Federal District Judge for the Southern District of Florida.

Hastings was impeached and convicted of corruption. But, by some process which I have yet to fathom, the voters of FL-23 found this episode on his CV no impediment to sending him to the US House. Several times.

Only in America!

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