Pelosi on Hoyer/Murtha: too clever by half?

There's not much here that makes much sense, to my little brain, at least  - (figurative) square brackets all over the place.

We know about the Hoyer-Pelosi bad blood from the Whip contest in 2001 (and before, I suspect); and his open contempt for her shown during the bankruptcy bill brouhaha.

And that Murtha and Pelosi are close (since when?); his rather operatic announcement in June of his candidacy seemed choreographed from Pelosi's office.

What doesn't seem to make much sense from her viewpoint is nailing her colors so dramatically to Murtha's mast as she has by issuing the famous letter.

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CQ on Hastings/Harman

Trouble with a capital T that rhymes with P that stands for...

A further indication from an apparently nonpartisan source that strife between (very broadly) the mods and the lefties in the Dem House party after its expected win may have already gathered a deal of momentum.

From one of the few bits of the Congressional Quarterly site that is outside the pay wall, Jeff Stein (National Security Editor, no less) takes on the dispute over whether Harman or Hastings should get the HIC chair.

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Pelosi is safe - CBC not so much - in leadership stakes

There's been fair amount of imaginative talk (as here, for instance) based on the Chuck Todd morning line on the Dem leadership-to-be.

Let's leave aside the clearly delusional notion that, under his Scenario II, a narrow Dem House win, the netroots will step forth to champion a Rahmbo bid for the Speakership. (That he put forward the notion might be thought to invalidate everything else he says. But, like I said...)

Shorn of the netroots nonsense, Todd's offering is this:

Will, say, 220 House Democrats stay united and elect Pelosi speaker, or will enough conservative House Democrats break and elect a compromise Democrat as speaker? Even the threat of Democrats peeling off and working in collaboration with the Republicans to do so might be enough to encourage a serious challenge to Pelosi inside the Democratic caucus.

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Dem House leadership: hot times ahead

I've been writing a fair amount recently about the alignment of forces in the House that look poised for conflict after the (we're supposing) Dem win next week.

The kerfuffle over the remarks of Ellen Tauscher a day or two back and other noises off suggesting that the Blue Dogs will be making their presence felt have added to the expectancy.

Today, we get the Post suggesting not only that it'll shortly be seconds out in the Hoyer/Murtha fight for Majority Whip, but that Rahmbo is supposedly contemplating trying to take down Caucus chairman Clyburn.

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Pelosi to kick Jane Harman off Intelligence: Official (almost)

This morning's Timespiece firms up (a little) on the Harman/Hastings saga I last discussed yesterday.

It seems that the Signora has sent forth a mouthpiece to confirm that Harman does not have great expectations of the HIC chair in a Dem 110th:

"To say it is unlikely she will get the job is accurate," said one Democratic Congressional official with knowledge of the party's post-election plans.

Pelosi's beef with Harman is apparently that she dared to lobby to retain the Dem top spot on the HIC, and got various friends amongst the media and donor community to put in a good word - an LA Weekly May 06 piece goes into a little more detail on the point.

However, I can't help feeling that this is not the sort of thing that would have got Harman ousted from the committee unless Pelosi wasn't under pressure from the CBC to give the chair to impeachment convictee Hastings.

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