Apparently Because Obama and His Supporters Are

It seems pretty clear now.  And apparently I needed it hit over my head several hundred times to really see things as they are.  I wondered why I see Obama supporters talk with such disdain for a former Democratic President, Bill Clinton, when they say why they are supporting Obama.  I thought these words they uttered came from NeoCons.  I wondered how supposed Democrats could say such vile remarks and descriptions of a former First Lady of Arkansas, the United States, a sitting Senator, and now a Presidential candidate, who has committed herself to doing good for this countries citizens and way of life.

I knew I supported Hillary because I care about the issues.  I'm not trying to find a preacher or an entertainer in my President.  That's not in their job description.  Increasingly getting uncomfortable with the way I saw how Camp Obama was running.  Starting as far back as Iowa with his negative campaigning, mailers and verbal attacks.


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Superdelegates and the fight for the nomination

Before I start writing about my new obsession of superdelegates I want to introduce my blog 2008 Democratic Convention Watch. DemConWatch was started in 2005 by Matt on the day Howard Dean announced that the 2008 convention would be held in late August.

From that point on he built the blog into the place to go for information on the convention. Living in Denver I was an avid reader before joining as a contributer last month.

Matt and I would like to thank Jerome for inviting us and look forward to following the race to the convention with everybody here.

If you had asked me about superdelegates a couple months ago I probably would have looked at you with a blank stare. After a solid month of living with my 796 best new friends I feel like I should have some kind of degree in superdelegatology.

A superdelegate has the ability to vote for any candidate whereas regular delegates are selected in support of a candidate. There are 796 superdelegates in this cycle (Michigan and Florida not included).

Superdelegates as of late haven't been much of a factor in deciding the nominee. With the primary season we're seeing this might change. If we're still looking at a close race after Super Tuesday the importance of superdelegate endorsements will increase dramatically.

As of today superdelegates are made up of the following people:
DNC members, all Democratic members of Congress, all Democratic Governors, all former Democratic Presidents, all former Democratic Vice Presidents, all former Democratic Leaders of the U.S. Senate, all former Democratic Speakers of the U.S. House of Representatives and Democratic Minority Leaders and all former Chairs of the Democratic National Committee. The official list won't be finalized until March 1st. - Democratic Convention Website

Now for our bread and butter. Matt and I thought it would be good to know exactly who the superdelegates are and have a list of their endorsements. After searching for a couple hours I was only able to find a list of congressional endorsements on The Hill.

We created our Superdelegate Endorsement List and shortly followed up with our list of Superdelegates who haven't made an endorsement.

Unlike the "major media" we don't just throw out numbers without backing them up. We will only show an endorsement if we can find a press release or news article that backs it up.

Even with this rule in place we are still managing to stay close and even exceed some of the big media. We are tracking how our superdelegate endorsements compare as well as having two delegate trackers (which aren't nearly as nice looking as the ones here). The first shows delegate and superdelegate tallies without including Florida and Michigan. Our second tracker includes Florida and Michigan. This gives the reader the choice whether to count Michigan and Florida or not. You know, "We Report, You Decide"? Except in this case, we mean it.

We'll be posting updates and more information on how the delegates and superdelegates work in the coming weeks.


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