John McCain was a patriot, now he's just a politician

In his first decision important decision as the candidate for president John McCain has showed the american people what the next four years will look like.  I am no fan of Mitt romney, however he was the most qualified to be McCains VP.  John Mccain's decision has basically told the American people that he will run this country like George Bush has for the last 8 years.

I dont know Sarah Palin well at all.  I do know she is a pro-life, creationist that is against fair pay for people of her own gender.  I also know that her selection was made for political gains, not on the basis who is best qualified to run this country if god forbid something was to happen to the president.  This is the equivalent of how George Bush selcted Brownie to head FEMA or Harriet Miers to be a supreme court justice.

John McCain the "maverick" is such a farse, I feel terrible to Tom Cruises character in Top Gun by even typing it.  This is a man who chose an unqualified, evangelical heroine to be his running mate instead of someone that is more qualified.  This is most most unpatriotic act an american can do, putting there own politcal aspirations before our country.  THIS man is a FRAUD!!!!!!!!

Democrats, Independents, George Bush Sr. republicans, is this what you really want for our country for the next 4-8 years?  With all that is happeneing in the world, do you really want to worry about Sarah Palin sitting across the table from Vladamir Putin negotiating the future of this planet.

Forget about the fact that this same woman called the most progressive woman and trailblazer for womens rights and universal healthcare, Hillary Clinton, a "whiner".  Forget about the fact that she has ZERO national security credentals.  Forget abou the fact that she wants to teach our children about creationism in our public schools.  What you need to remember is this, not only is she not equipped to be the Commander in Chief of the armed forces, neither is John McCain!

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Palin: Hillary is a "whiner"

Short, sweet, and brutal:

Palin talked about what women expect from women leaders; how she took charge in Alaska during a political scandal that threatened to unseat the state's entire Republican power structure; and her feelings about Hillary Clinton. (She said she felt kind of bad she couldn't support a woman, but didn't like Clinton's "whining.")

You go, PUMAs! Show us you're really cutting off your nose to spite your face!


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United Democratic Party Money Bomb

From the about section of the ActBlue page I've created:

Despite the self-important screechings of the traditional media, the hurt feelings and ruffled feathers of the primary season are not insurmoutable. Hillary and Bill Clinton have worked to unite the Democratic Party with their rousing convention speeches and gracious support of Obama during the delegate voting process. Now it's time to reward Hillary for being a team player by helping pay off her campaign debt.

And while we're at it, lets give Barack Obama, who was equally gracious in victory, the funds he needs to expand the map, create coattails for down-ballot races, and end the conservative governing that thinks that all social issues are due to gays, Atheists, Hollywood, and working women, that the way to solve all economic ills are tax cuts for the super rich, and that war will solve all of America's international problems.

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No one was more disappointed than I was that Obama passed up the opportunity to make history twice by choosing Hillary Clinton for VP, the OBVIOUS choice. And the one that deserved it most.

He did not do this.

After all the fabulous speeches and yes, they were good.

Hillary's speech was brilliant, Bill's speech was fantastic and Obama's speech was Outstanding I thought.

But - McCain choosing Sarah Palin for Vice President.


He WILL syphon off WOMEN from the democratic party who feel VERY disenfranchised by the treatment of Hillary Clinton.

After Obama's speech last night, I was certain HE would be the next President.

I've changed my mind. The Democrats NEED women to win.

THIS selection was a GAME CHANGER.

I now believe McCain has put himself out there and shown he is a Maverick and not your average Republican.

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"No Way, No How, No McCain!"

In a speech likely to be referred to for generations, last night Hillary Clinton unapologeticaly supported Barack Obama as Democratic nominee for president, and president of America.  A former candidate for nomination herself, Hillary's committment to the nominee and the party is unparalleled in Democratic convention annals.  

Democrats have been rewarded with Hillary's behavior.  We are better positioned to be unified today than we have been during this entire cycle.  It's now time to reward Hillary.  Please contribute to Hillary's campaign to help pay down debt.


DATE:      August 27, 2008  5:56 PM EDT
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AMOUNT:    $100.00

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