Obama Make THE Speech to Hillary Supporters


I've debated whether we need to wait a few more days before writing this but as more state and national polls come out, it's clear to me with each passing day that this bounce is probably not a bounce but an actual game-shifting surge.  Your surrogates try to point to this or that in these polls to rationalize that it's solely due to independents or just renewed enthusiasm from the Republican base.  Blindly believing that some of Hillary's supporters aren't still hurt and seeking closure for those feelings, at this point, leads us closer and closer to defeat.

Hillary made her speech to her supporters, Bill made his speech to Hillary's supporters - they were fine speeches but those speeches were not enough for many.  


And you need to do it NOW.  But you say, "I always ask them for their vote at every stump I give".  No, not in a stump speech.  In a focussed speech targeted at HILLARY's supporters with Hillary by your SIDE.

Don't worry that detractors might say "insincerity, it's self-serving because he's losing and needs them now" or that no way is it going to work, don't even bother -  The ELECTION is at stake.  Nobody needs to rehash what happened in the Primaries and the VP selection, but try to think how your supporters would have felt if you were in Hillary's shoes after a hard fought primary and being skipped over for VP - and you'll know in your heart how they feel.

You've taken it this far to not go take the last measure needed to get the train back on its tracks - a little empathy, humility, sincerity will work. Explain in your own words how you viewed what transpired and REALLY ask them for THEIR VOTE.  

Look up the word 'ELOQUENCE' in the dictionary and your picture is there - we know you can weave the words.  You won't convince all of them but I believe those that have gravitated to McCain/Palin will at least hear you out and you'll get to many of them.  At the very least if they still can't support you - they might not vote at all rather than pulling the lever for McCain, this may be just as important in a close election.

I know you'll do the right thing.

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McCain's "ugly lesbian" joke about Hillary, Chelsea and Janet Reno

McCain is trying to be the man defending women against sexism but McCain said, at a 1998 Republican Senate fund-raiser:

"Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly?
Because her father is Janet Reno.

http://www.salon.com/news/1998/06/25news b.html

Very crude and ugly

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Obama should fight his OWN battles

Make no mistake, I support senator Obama on his bid for presidency. HOWEVER, his move of sending Hillary to advocate his case instead of Biden or his long term surrogates just undermines his case. Democrats underestimated Sarah palin. They did everything starting with hideous conspiracy theories to letting their surrogate media dogs tear her apart. and when they saw her intact and deliver her speech at RNC, they knew they clearly dropped the ball on her and underestimated her.

so what does Obama do?  he goes straight to hillary clinton. haa.. if he felt he needed her by his side, maybe there was a position of VP for which he should have atleast vetted her. I think at this point, hillary just wants to be a good democrat and fall in line, and iron his shirts while he goes to highest office and feels good about himself.. thats her choice.. but I think as a strong Hillary and Bill supporter, I feel Obama will not waste time in dumping on them when he can, but for now.. he will use them the max he can..

Democrats NEED to win this thing.. but they need to win it the right way.. its Obama's battle.. its Bidens battle.. its our battle as supporters and its Hillary's battle as a surrogate.. but its not her job to be an attack dog and tear Sarah palin apart and eviscerate her loyal base of women and men who like women in higher positions and see them equal.. i.e non sexist men.. just my two cents!

Update: One of the talking points is that Hillary supporters wanted to see Hillary in WH.. not any woman.. I disagree.. she had atleast 15% of her base.. 60+ women voters who genuinely wanted to see a woman in white house.. remember the quote Hillary used.. I was born before women could vote and I am glad I am getting oppurtunity to vote a woman in white house.. So to soem of the comment posting fellow friends.. there was a base of Hillary supporters that voted for Hillary who wanted to vote for woman in WH..

Update: I agree 100% with clinton spokesman.. saying tis bread and butter issues that made people support Hillary.. Universal health care when Obama was going bats over and running condemnable ads against UHC.. its bread and butter issues of standing up for FISA and fundamental rights of people.. its bread and butter issues of fairer economy, and more pro growth agenda.. making sure republicans dont scare us into believing social security is in jeopardy.. so on and so forth.. those are bread and butter issues.. not attacking Palins kids and her grades in college.. DESPIABLE TACTICS!!!!

I dont think attacking Palin for taking Hillary talking points is the right thing.. especially when we all know senator Obama made speeches right out of Deval patricks textbooks and Senator Biden.. mmm I wont go there.. ISSUES PLEASE!!

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Howard Wolfson: Clintonites for Obama [Update] + Penn

First I want to say that I'm happy to see Howard Wolfson coming forth with positive statements about our candidate, Barack Obama.  In an Op-Ed in tomorrow's Post, Wolfson finally awakens to the reality of Barack Obama.  That's not even my editorializing, it's the way he frames it.  http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/con tent/article/2008/08/31/AR2008083101620. html?hpid=opinionsbox1

Most of us never heard him speak in person. At work 14 hours a day in the war room, we focused on his perceived faults and deficiencies. Our time was spent sharpening and advancing arguments. Skepticism was critical to our efforts. Insulated from Obamamania, I met few Obama supporters and distanced myself from the ones I knew. I lived this way for 18 months.

From the outside, our loss may have seemed inevitable for months, but inside the campaign we simply kept going. Each late victory brought false hope. We were finally doing too well to stop, but never well enough to win. We fought so long because we believed so strongly in our candidate; sustained by the passions of our supporters, we hoped that, as long as we kept moving, we could keep failure at bay.

Once we ran out of states and the campaign ended, we were like Rip Van Winkle. We awoke to a world transformed by political currents we had stood against. There was the neighbor in an Obama T-shirt getting the morning paper. Every parked car on the street bore an Obama bumper sticker. Had they been there along, or did they pop up overnight?

The better stuff after the bump.

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McCains's choice of VP was a brilliant move

1) It sucks all the talk away from Obama's big night and makes his speech a one day news story because this will now dominate the news cycle for over a week.

2) It gives McCain the perfect foil to talk about the experience thing. Who cares if the VP is relatively inexperienced he/she is not the president but what if the president himself is the inexperienced one? Then sir you have a problem. Every attack on her for inexperience just forces the press to compare her real executive experience with Obama's part time job in the Illinois legislature. And as for his US senate experience -well Obama said it himself "if I were to decide to run for president I would have to start now before I even serve one day in the Senate". Please, McCain is begging you -attack her for inexperience.

3) It makes McCain/Palin the ticket of change as much or more so than Obama. McCain loves that moniker and is comfortable with it. Her youth makes him the candidate of the future and definitely livens up the ticket. It also gives them real street cred that this is not just the same old Washington politics, not the same old Republican party. This is aimed at all those independents that are not yet comfortable with Obama and even those that might have thought they were may yet change their minds. For all the mud you are going to throw at her and for all you try to belittle her she actually confronted corruption in her own party and won. Show me those kind of credentials for anything Obama has ever done.

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