I finally took down my Hillary sign

Today I was paying some bills at the dining table and when I finished with that I took care of one more chore:  I finally took my Hillary sign down from where it had been taped up on the dining room window looking out on our Santa Monica street.

It's been a logical progression.

After the primary, I talked to other Clinton supporters, people whom I generally understood very well.   My pitch was simple:  the uncertainties of Obama are better than the dread certainties of McCain.  Not exactly the raving exultations of the Obama echosphere but then they weren't my audience.

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Cabinet Diary 1 - Secretary of State

It's time for a look at the Cabinet in the upcoming Obama administration. First up - Secretary of State, the point person - in repairing our alliances, in building on the goodwill that is already flowing in from around the world.

And it's time to choose your favorite for Secretary of State.

There are a number of excellent options - some who served in the Clinton Administration - some outsiders - and even a couple of Obamicans. For convenience, I've taken the list from a betting site (yes, it is in the order of the oddsmakers' favorite):

Richard Holbrooke
Anthony Lake
Richard Lugar
Bill Richardson
Chuck Hagel
John Kerry
Daniel Shapiro
Daniel Kurtzer
George Mitchell
Eric Lynn
Dennis Ross
Susan Rice
James Steinberg
Mara Rudman
Bill Clinton
Colin Powell
Hillary Clinton

I evaluate each option as best I can on the flip. (I had to research the credentials of a few.) I trust others will add more data. (Cross posted at OpenLeft.)

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At Your Service

McCain's been having a hard time keeping the Pit Bull on a short leash and Palin's negative campaigning has started causing negative reactions among voters.

His staff has begun suggesting a different campaigning style.
Something much subtler and more subdued.

"We want you to campaign for John just like Hillary campaigns for Barack."

"You know, almost like you're not even there."


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What we have learned from presidential campaigns,


At the end of the "Morning Joe" show each morning, each of the three regulars makes a tongue-in-cheek statement of what each has learned today. So, what have we learned from the campaigns for president? We have learned that:

You can actually see Russia from Alaska

Ordinary workers at their tasks determine the fundamental soundness of the U.S. economy

Obama's use of "look" to introduce a thought has spread to pundits and other politicians

The negative and misleading ads of the McCain campaign were caused by Obama's refusal to engage in a series of town hall debates

Small town people can be bitter and cling to guns or religion

Hillary Clinton will be ready on day one

McCain has the requisite experience; Obama gave a speech

Obama is a Christian, as far as Hillary knows

Hillary Clinton is from Scranton

Dennis Kucinich is conversant with UFOs

Dennis Kucinich has a gorgeous wife

Joe Biden can give a one word answer

Joe Biden's wife is "drop-dead gorgeous"

Ron Paul is angry, but not as angry as Mike Gravel

Sarah Palin may be kept in Social Security's lock box until the election

Sarah Palin can field dress a moose.

John McCain has heard of the e-mail and the google, but is unaware of possible use of telecommuncations and airplanes between Washington and campaign or debate locations

There is such a thing as credit default swaps

homer   www.altara.blogspot.com

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The Question We Must Stop Asking

I've seen it over and over again, on diary after diary. You ask about those who are a combination Hillary-Supporter/Obama-Hater about why they're voting for McCain. You want to know which of his POLICIES are so attractive, so much better than Obama's, and that will make America better than it is now.

You ask:

Which McCain policies are you voting for?

Are you voting for that $21 middle class tax break vs. Obama's $300?
Are you voting for more severe restrictions on reproductive choice, including abortion and birth control?
Are you voting for less restrictions on clean air, clean water, and endangered species?
Are you voting for abandoning improving public schools to funnel tax dollars to support charter and private schools?
Are you voting for the privatization of Social Security?
Are you voting for public policy dictated by fringe religious extremists and corporate lobbyists?
Are you voting for a preemptive war in Iran?
Are you voting for preventing expanded veterans' benefits?
Are you voting for increased voting rights restrictions?
Are you voting for secret prisons with no access to lawyers or a fair trial?

Which of these most appeals to you that you'd vote for it?

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