John Wayne, Dirty Harry and the Gospel of Bipartisanship

I have a lot questions.  

So, my question, in 2008, what sort of sense of being tough enough to handle the job are people looking to find in Democratic candidates?  I see a lot of talk about bipartisanship, about crossing the divide, about this issue or that, and a lot of other running the fields with wild flower talk, but let's be honest- this is America. Being smart is great, being compassionate is wonderful, but one must also be tough.

McCain solidified his John Wayne image in 2000. Bush made it seem like he was Dirty Harry. Even if these particular images failed them, it doesn't mean that that Americans aren't still looking for them in their leadership. It's not just about being different from the GOP candidates, it's about branding personality. I feel that some think issues are the point, when instead, I believe issues are the tool to show personailty. The real substance of how I think we really vote.

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Race and Gender Prejudice: poll--which is stronger?

The possible candidacies of Barrak and Hillary raise the issues of race and gender in American politics and society.

I'd like to probe these underlying issues. Set aside Barrak and Hillary as individual candidates.

Just asking a question here.

* Are white Americans ready to break through their racial prejudice and consider embracing leadership in a black man?

* Are white Americans ready to break through their racial prejudice and consider embracing leadership in a woman?

* Which of these prejudices runs deeper and will be harder to break through?

Poll and my thoughts on the flip side. In taking the poll, please reflect the world you live in personally. I'd like to get a feel for that. If someone knows of good polling on the topic, that could make a good response post.

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The Long War: Defeating Status-Quo Dems, Rebuilding America

Thank god for the netroots.

As many of us know, America's economic future and social make up is going to be determined by the choices of the next governing majority. With the necessary structural reforms, we'll be able to rebuild America into the peaceful and prosperous middle-class republic that it once was. If we can't manage to fix the flaws in our system and hang on to power, we're in for a bumpy ride.

The task we're facing is enormous. We've got to change the way the average American relates to government, and we've got to clean up one hell of a fiscal mess. We've also got to defeat a new generation of bush-inspired fanatics (Christian/Muslim) who are going stop at nothing to subvert the democratic process.
We're privileged to be living at a defining moment in the history of America and of western civilization. We're in for one hell of a fight, but I'd say our chances are better than even.
(I get specific on the flip -- give me a rec, I worked hard on this)

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How to Beat John McCain

Keeping in mind that two years is a lifetime in politics, and that nothing can be predicted with certainty, we can at this point say that John McCain will most likely be the Republican nominee for president in 2008.  The thought of facing him in a general election causes many Democrats to soil themselves because he is one of the most popular politicians in the country, if not the most popular.  Because he has cultivated an image as a social moderate, economic conservative, and independently-minded Republican, many consider a general election race against McCain to be unwinnable.

The truth is, however, that McCain has his weaknesses and faults just like any other candidate.  If these weaknesses are exploited correctly, and if the Democratic candidate has it within him or herself to withstand the barrage coming from the other side, McCain can be defeated.  Read on, and let's look at how.

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Latest Marist Poll numbers for NY Statewide Races!

DemiDem blogging at 631 Politics posted the following:

New Marist Poll results:

Spitzer 70, Faso 22.

Cuomo 56, Pirro 36

Hevesi 62, Callaghan 22

Clinton 67, Spencer 30

Wow, the highest statewide candidate i for the GOP is Pirro with 36%. maybe she can come down to Islip and help out Pammy?

The Pammy that DemiDem refers to is Pamela Greene the Republican Islip Town Councilmember running in a special town election to replace the disgraced Town Supervisor Pete McGowan whose administration was plagued with campaign finance scandal and construction scandals at the Town owned Long Island Islip McCarthur Airport.  She is being seriously challenged by Democrat Phil Nolan Jr. who was a former Suffolk County Legislator and has held many high appointed administration municipal positions in the city of Yonkers, Huntington and Babylon Townships.  Islip has 320,000 population and has not elected a Democratic Supervisor since 1967.  Everyone is sensing a tidal wae of tsunami proportions shaping up in NY and this will positively effect seven Republican House seats at play plus State legislative races.  DemiDem and I share the hope that it will swamp clear down to this Islip Town race as well.

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