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Elizabeth Edwards Should Respond to Hillary's Campaign Snipe

Some very interesting diaries today about Team Hillary's response to an Edwards speech, which mentions no one by name.  However, as the calculator/triangulator that Hillary is - she hasn't yet figured out what to do with Iraq and still has not put out the forceful retraction of her vote for it.

Edwards' MLK Sunday speech had this:

"Silence is betrayal, and I believe it is a betrayal not to speak out against the escalation of the war in Iraq," Edwards told a crowd at Manhattan's Riverside Church, where Martin Luther King had declared his opposition to the Vietnam War.
"If you're in Congress and you know that this war is going in the wrong direction . . . it is no longer OK to study your options and keep your own private counsel," he said.
"Silence is betrayal. Speak out and stop this escalation now." s/nationalnews/hill_jabs_at_john_nationa lnews_john_mazor_and_geoff_earle.htm

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Is Ahnold More Progressive than Hillary on Healthcare?

Okay.   this title popped up on Yahoo

Calif. gov calls for universal coverage

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on Monday proposed to extend health coverage to nearly all of California's 6.5 million uninsured people, promising to spread the cost among businesses, individuals, hospitals, doctors, insurers and government.

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New Presidential Poll Hints at Strongest Dem. Candidate

this is the second poll with head to head matchups of Edwards, Hillary, and Obama. ticles.asp?artsec=16&issue=20070105

McCain, Giuliani Fare Well Vs. Top Dems, While Edwards Might Be Toughest Rival

A new IBD/TIPP poll gives Republican front-runners Sen. John McCain and Rudy Giuliani an edge over top Democratic contenders and shows that John Edwards might be their toughest opponent.
In a potential presidential matchup, McCain led the former one-term senator from North Carolina and 2004 vice presidential nominee by 44% to 43% but had a more comfortable margin over the two Democratic heavyweights expected to run. New York Sen. Hillary Clinton trailed McCain 48% to 41% while Illinois Sen. Barack Obama was down 48% to 36%.

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John Wayne, Dirty Harry and the Gospel of Bipartisanship

I have a lot questions.  

So, my question, in 2008, what sort of sense of being tough enough to handle the job are people looking to find in Democratic candidates?  I see a lot of talk about bipartisanship, about crossing the divide, about this issue or that, and a lot of other running the fields with wild flower talk, but let's be honest- this is America. Being smart is great, being compassionate is wonderful, but one must also be tough.

McCain solidified his John Wayne image in 2000. Bush made it seem like he was Dirty Harry. Even if these particular images failed them, it doesn't mean that that Americans aren't still looking for them in their leadership. It's not just about being different from the GOP candidates, it's about branding personality. I feel that some think issues are the point, when instead, I believe issues are the tool to show personailty. The real substance of how I think we really vote.

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