Did Hillary bribe Black Leaders for an Endorsement?

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When you connect the dots, the smell of rotten cheese emerges from the cloak and dagger world of political influence:

New York Post:

Hillary Rodham Clinton's campaign reached a deal to pay a key South Carolina black leader's consulting firm more than $200,000 just days before he agreed to endorse her run for president, it was revealed yesterday.

And who was this black leader? State Senator Darrell Jackson. You might remember him from his role discrediting Barack Obama as a presidential candidate

The Guardian:

State Sens. Robert Ford and Darrell Jackson told The Associated Press they believe Clinton is the only Democrat who can win the presidency. Both said they had been courted by Illinois Sen. Barack Obama; Ford said Obama winning the primary would drag down the rest of the party.

``It's a slim possibility for him to get the nomination, but then everybody else is doomed,'' Ford said. ``Every Democrat running on that ticket next year would lose - because he's black and he's top of the ticket. We'd lose the House and the Senate and the governors and everything.''

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Question of the month

To maintain her lead in the polls will Hillary Clinton eventually have to hold a media confessional about her vote on Iraq?

The audience member in New Hampshire who asked for an unnuanced answer from Ms. Clinton spoke for many Americans. I believe the only way for her to keep the traction she has will be for her to shed her hawk feathers she glued on to appeal to 'moderate voters' before the tipping point against the Iraqi War was evident.

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Something Not Right About This....

I came across this story today and it just made me flinch. Call me naive, or a purest, but if you can read this and think there is nothing wrong with it, then forever hold your peace on the shady dealings of all candidates -- Dems or Republicans. Perhaps this is the price of entry, and obviously running for President is not for the faint of heart.  But if campaign finance reform can't do anything about deals like this, why even bother?

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help with Anybody But Hillary bumpersticker?

Like many I'm horrified at the prospect of trying to maintain my progressive enthusiasm next year if Hillary wins the nomination.  I'd like to get a message out with a bumper sticker reading:  Anybody But Hillary, (subtitle)Just Good Enough to Lose.  Does anyone here know how to do this?  I can print them, but how do I distribute them?  Is there a website that would be useful for this?


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First steps for 2008

Some of the first steps being taken by Democratic presidential campaigns have gotten great publicity; others have lagged in the background.  I've been reading Iowa newspapers and blogs pretty steadily to see how things are going.  Here's my take (largely "their" take on the campaigns to date:

Hillary Clinton has certainly gotten heavy coverage from the Des Moines Register (as has Tom Vilsack).  She does not show up as favorably in local blog coverage from people like Drew Miller and John Deeth.  In its way, this is pretty similar to Hillary's national profile.  Hillary in Iowa, however, is doing different things than the "national Hillary."

The big difference for Hillary is her reliance and recruitment of well known Iowa women politicians and activists.  Nationally, I just get the feeling that Hillary is tapping more deeply into abroader audience composed of Bill's inner circle, prominent money raisers, and the "moderate" side of Democrats.  

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