Obama/Edwards Supporters Call Cease-Fire: aim @ GOP/Hillary

After a digi-verbal flame wars, digging deep into the 100s of comments in late-night diaries, the Obama squad and Edwards stalwarts have decided to call a cease-fire.

I am as guilty as any in the tit-for-tat that goes on in such flamewars.

However, with numbers like these...

Hillary Clinton            43
Barack Obama               27
John Edwards               14
Bill Richardson             3
Joe Biden                   2

...we're doing ourselves no favors by nitpicking at either Edwards or Obama while Senator Clinton holds such a huge lead.

So, Edwards and Obama supporters, please join me in a delicious detente and get to know one another as we work to educate other primary voters about our candidates plans and accomplishments, and also about Hillary's poor policies.

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Can we PLEASE stop talking about Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton? Please?

Obamamania!Cross-posted at Music for America.

So we won the election, right? We voted the bums out and now we don't need to worry about all that political stuff, right?

Mrrrr- think again. While the election turned out just dandy, the things we turned out for- an end to war and a better quality of life for the average kid, are still being ignored.

Perfect example: Bush's latest budget. From the mouth of Matt Taibbi;

It would be hard to imagine a [budget] document that more clearly articulates the priorities of our current political elite.

Not only does it make many of Bush's tax cuts permanent, but it envisions a complete repeal of the Estate Tax, which mainly affects only those who are in the top two-tenths of the top one percent of the richest people in this country.

He goes on:

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Don't Make Me Come Back There Girls

Now if I wanted to see otherwise intelligent people make completely embarrassing nitwits of themselves, I would have watched the clowns masquerading as attorneys turn MSNBC's wall-to-wall coverage of the Anna Nichole Smith hearing into a circus.  What an embarrassing display.

No, I'm a political junkie, into substance and policy, and ...

Hey.   (Excuse me for a minute folks.) I said cut it out!   I swear if you girls don't behave back there you'll all get time outs.   Wonkette, You know how I feel about spreading lies and rumors.  You're grounded young lady.  No more My Space for a week!
Sorry about that.  Where was I?  Anyway, you might have known there was an important event in Carson City, Nevada, Wednesday (notice I didn't say Nev-ahh-duh.)

Most of the Democratic presidential candidates were speaking before the AFSCME Union Forum ...

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Announcing Georgians for Hillary

On February 12, 2007, Georgians for Hillary, a website dedicated to supporting the efforts of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-New York) in her efforts to become the first female President of these United States of America was launched.

This site is primarily a forum for those who want to join in Hillary's conversation with the nation and Georgia. But we also want to serve as an arena for other Georgians who, like us, support Hillary for President and want to take action towards delivering Georgia's 15 electoral votes to America's first female President in 2008.

We'd like to invite all of you, not just Georgians for Hillary, to stop by and join the conversation.

To quote Sen. Clinton, "It all begins with a conversation about the right solutions to meet our challenges. It's a conversation I'm looking forward to having with so many Americans as I travel across the country," so let the conversation begin Georgia.

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Hillary on Iran

As everyone here knows, Hillary hasn't generated much enthusiasm, if any, in communities like this one.  The reasons, likewise, are familiar to all of us:  she is too cautious, too measured, too calculating, and too late to the party in opposing the war plans of George Bush.

Just now, she is hearing an earfull of it everywhere she goes.  She must be frustrated no end by the endless questions about her initial vote authorizing the use of force against Iraq, and her agonizing delay in changing her views on the war (if not on the wisdom of her vote).  As one of her questioners said in New Hampshire last week (I paraphrase), no one can even hear her on any other issue, because of the sheer power of the Iraq war to wipe everything else from our minds, and the overwhelming sense that that vote was, indeed, a mistake.

Now here's an interesting idea:  suppose Hillary were to lead the charge in the Senate to stop the attack on Iran that Bush and his henchmen are planning?  What if she started making speech after speech about this issue, until the Senate had to act on it?  What if she attacked the Repulicans on this issue, every day?  Wouldn't that change your mind about her?  Wouldn't that make you sit up and take notice, and maybe even come over and support her campaign?  I know it would do for me.

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