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For those of you that like news and updates just on Hillary - here's a great new blog that I found:

It's from a website called Foreign Policy.

The blog is titled "Madame Secretary" - "an obsessive blog about Hillary Clinton".

It's fun, informative with daily updates, pictures, video.

It's not a "Puma" blog that bashes Obama - it's just all about Hillary.

Also - this is probably connected to the website  that Obama/transition team put together, but here's another site:

It is the new U.S. Department of State website, it also has alot of info on Hillary's new role, as well as outlining the goals and role of the State Department.

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Gallup: Obama, Hillary share "Most Admired" Billing

Gallup released it's annual "Most Admired" List for the year. Hillary-Clinton-Share-Most-Admired-Billi ng.aspx

No surprise here:

Obama was #1 at 32% the Most Admired Man

Hillary was #2 at 20% and the Most Admired Woman

Strange to see that George W was #2 in the Man column along with Sarah Palin.

This is Hillary's 7th consecutive year as the Most Admired Woman and the 13th Year she has been in the Top Ten.

Obama is the first President-elect since Eisenhower to make the Most Admired Man list.

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Obama vindicates the clintons

I'm totally impressed by obama and his role so far with the transition. I'm also happen to be not one of the 'hate Hillary rabid card carrying members' like many of you here.  I will judge obama on the promises made and promises kept, not on how one feels about the clintons.

With obama flooding his team and sub teams with so many clintonite administration members, is it not time to let go of your rabid anti Clinton feelings? You know who you are, you make a fool of yourself and us as democrats on this board when you keep taking shots at hillary or the Clinton(s).

Honestly, if you look at the team on face value, your, mine and our president elect has basically vindicated all things Clinton as far as the strength in their team from the last presidency and prosperity they created for us.   So the last laugh is on you and not on the clinton presidency or mrs clinton.

It's borderline lunacy now to see the blame Hillary game still going on after the election among democrats.  Can  you dispute that? Come on, let it go already.  I agree the some hillary voters still harbor some feelings but not everyone who looks to obama to do as he said are the reincarnation of the PUMA voters.

Update [2008-12-22 11:50:36 by MumbaiBurns]: had add another thought. Have you noticed how the ones who are accused of being from the "dark side" have diaries that show most activity in comments vs the ones who take pot shots within such diaries through their ability to reach into their crystal ball to claim ones political agenda, yet never really write diaries, only spend most of their time taking shots or zero'ing out comments or go on a troll rate spree of all comments? Things that make you go Hmm...

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Hillary might reject Sec. of State offer

According to politico, Hillary Clinton is actually undecided on the offer, and may even reject it. Some speculate the "vetting" is the problem, while the lack of certainty is actually consistent with what Clinton has been thinking all along.

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Secretary of State - I'm all for Hillary Clinton for this post. Main reason is that she would be very good at it. There may be a bit of conflict but I'm sure No Drama Obama can handle it. Politically, her appointment would increase his support among women. Economically, Obama should ask Doris Kearns Goodwin for a share of the royalties from increased book sales.

Treasury Secretary - Larry Summers has been the front runner but many are worried that the Harvard thing will be a big problem. I'm inclined to believe that this problem will fade away, leaving us with the complaint that Summers is too abraive. I think that Obama can convince him to tone down. And, whenever he wants abrasive, Summers can visit Raul Emanuel in the White house.

The Puppy - A major White House decision. Once selected, there will be a question of name. If
it's a girl puppy, I would name it Hillary. Then, there's a chance that a Hillary will do as Obama says. If a boy puppy, I would expect it to grow into an attack dog and name it Raul.


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