Hillary, The NY Mag, Liberals and Snakes on the plane

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton

Barack Obama has to watch his back now that he has agreed to provide Hillary with the opportunity for a floor vote. But it is not only Hillary he has to watch out for. He also has to watch out for liberal rags like the NY Mag.com, the so-called liberal magazine that is dogging out Obama with color aroused statements like, "The description of the Obamas' life together displays no evidence of their connections to black culture."

AAPP: OK, here we go again with Barack Obama and his wife are not "black enough" bull. This time with an academic twist.
Current Issue

This rag, the New York Mag.com went out to find anyone they could to lend credibility to the story. The found someone to degrade the 21st century black bourgeoisie involved in U.S. politics. Yes, Gayle Pemberton was dug up from some academic cave to say as much silly garbage about Obama as possible. Asking questions like,  "And what does the white world know about black people like the Obamas, really? "The black middle class is the most invisible, unknown group in the country," said Gayle Pemberton, a professor of African-American studies at Wesleyan University.

"There are millions and millions of people in it, and yet we know nothing about them."

AAPP: "Them"? Them says, Gayle Pemberton?

Here are some more excerpts from the article:

One would think that the Obamas enjoy being called the black Kennedys, but maybe they don't. "This Camelot myth has formed around Barack and Michelle, but they come from almost the opposite place in the world from the Kennedys," says Obama's friend Kenneth Mack, a law professor at Harvard University. "If you saw Barack on a yacht, that would be pretty unseemly. He's the guy from the basketball court who used to go around in jeans and a leather jacket. In law school, he was really uncomfortable with the markers of elitism, like even dressing in a suit."

It's a sitcom, this miscommunication between black and white people: In fact, a manager in Hollywood told me that he's getting calls from producers searching for TV writers to work on All in the Family-style shows for next year--they know the country will be hungry for this type of comedy if Obama is elected.

While Michelle hasn't made many interesting statements in public--it's a very small canon of comments, over the course of almost two years of campaigning--they've taken on enormous meaning. She's not quite as smooth a political player as Barack: "Whenever Obama enters the room, there's a sense of calm and satisfaction," says a former campaign aide. "Michelle can get a little more tense. Before she goes on-camera for interviews, we'd have to give her a couple of minutes to compose herself. She'll sit down, raise her hands over her head, and go, `Ugh, God!' " That's a mask she's wearing in public, most of the time, and we aren't sure what is underneath. When she uttered her fateful words about how, for "the first time in my adult life, I'm really proud of my country," she unleashed an explosion of emotion, because everyone who's awake could read between the lines--she was angry about the treatment of black people in America. And anger will not do. Besides, what does she have to be angry about, with her Ivy education and Hyde Park mansion? Isn't she herself an example of the fact that racism is over in America?   More HERE

All of this as Barack Obama's plane was forced to endure an emergency landing after the Democratic presidential candidate's aircraft suffered mechanical problems over Missouri.

A spokesman for the Federal Aviation Authority confirmed to The Times that there had been an emergency landing in St Louis last month after the pilot notified air traffic control of problems. It is understood that the pilot of Mr Obama's plane had warned that he was having problems controlling the "pitch" of the plane and requested emergency assistance.

A controversy has erupted over the landing. According to a US news channel, control tower tapes show that the pilot of Mr Obama's plane demanded an emergency landing. At the time, both the FAA and Midwest Airlines insisted that there was no emergency.

But Laura Brown, a spokesman for the FAA said that she had said minutes after the incident happened that there had been no emergency because of what she had been told by the agency's public affairs staff for air traffic control. More HERE

AAPP:  Right! Something seems just a bit fishy with this story. I wonder what Samuel L. Jackson would say about the snakes on and off of Obamas plane?

I guess Barack has to look out for Hillary, The NY Mag, Liberals and Snakes on the planes.


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Edwards' Cover-up Cost Clinton the Nomination

I believe Wolfson is correct when he says:

I believe we would have won Iowa, and Clinton today would therefore have been the nominee," former Clinton Communications Director Howard Wolfson told ABCNews.com.

I totally agree with him when he says:

"Our voters and Edwards' voters were the same people," Wolfson said the Clinton polls showed. "They were older, pro-union. Not all, but maybe two-thirds of them would have been for us and we would have barely beaten Obama."

Wolfson is some what correct when he says:

But he says he is mystified about the failure of the national media to pursue the story as it has allegations of other candidates' affairs.

"I can't say I understand the rules of the media and I'm not sure they do either," he said.

I think the real reason the MSM did not follow up with the Edwards story was because they knew it would hurt Sen. obama's Chances.

Here is the full article: http://abcnews.go.com/Blotter/story?id=5553013&page=1

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ACTION: Please sign petition at HillPAC

Sorry if this has already been the subject of a diary, but a Hillary Clinton email today asked for all of us who already signed her peition to reach out to fellow Democrats. She's got 55,000 signatures and needs MORE.

Please, all Democrats who care about Women's Rights and Reproductive Freedom and Choice... sign her petition NOW! Thank you.

Hillary Clinton is working with Senator Patty Murray of Washington and Congresswoman Nita Lowey of New York to petition Mike Leavitt (Secretary of Health and Human Services) and demanding that he not move forward with these regulations. They are also working closely with women's rights and health organizations to put pressure on the administration and their Republican allies in Congress.

More info:

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/hillary-cl inton/an-outrageous-attempt-by_b_114064. html
An Outrageous Attempt by the Bush Administration to Undermine Women's Rights

by Hillary Clinton

The Bush administration is up to its old tricks again, quietly putting ideology before science and women's health. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is poised to put in place new barriers to accessing common forms of contraception like birth control pills, emergency contraception and IUDs by labeling them "abortion." These proposed regulations set to be released next week will allow healthcare providers to refuse to provide contraception to women who need it. We can't let them get away with this underhanded move to undermine women's health and that's why I am sounding the alarm.

These rules pose a serious threat to providers and uninsured and low-income Americans seeking care. They could prevent providers of federally-funded family planning services, like Medicaid and Title X, from guaranteeing their patients access to the full range of comprehensive family planning services. They'll also build significant barriers to counseling, education, contraception and preventive health services for those who need it most: low-income and uninsured women and men.

The regulations could even invalidate state laws that currently ensure access to contraception for many Americans. In fact, they describe New York and California's laws requiring prescription drug insurance plans to provide coverage for contraceptives as part of "the problem." These rules would even interfere with New York State law that ensures survivors of sexual assault and rape receive emergency contraception in hospital emergency rooms.

We've seen this kind of ideologically driven move from the Bush administration before. Senator Patty Murray and I went toe to toe with the Bush administration to demand a decision on Plan B by the FDA. We won that fight and we need to win this one too.

When I learned about these proposed rules, I immediately joined with Senator Murray to call on the Bush administration to stop these dangerous plans. I am joining with New York family planning and healthcare advocates to spread the word. Now is the time to raise our voices. I will continue to press HHS and I hope you will join me. I have posted information on how to get involved here.

Petition here:

http://www.hillpac.com/action/hhspetitio n/?sc=1984&utm_source=1984&utm_m edium=e

Dear Secretary Leavitt,

I am appalled at the proposal now under consideration at HHS which will endanger family planning services and undermine the health of women across the country. I strongly urge you to refute this outrageous policy that threatens to affect Medicaid and Title X programs that are important to millions of families.

I stand with Hillary Clinton and women and men across America in speaking out against this proposal. We've had enough of putting ideology over science and failed policies harming healthy families.

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Lastly Primary

Ugh.  How do I get myself caught up in these primary rehashes?  I hear something I disagree with and simply cannot resist saying something .  Today, it was the "Hillary won the popular vote" thing, and it got my hackles up.  My response is always, "yeah, right, not a soul in Michigan would have voted for Obama if they could". Well, I was set straight.

Of course the Rules Committee convened, and of course they decided to give Obama the "uncommitted" vote, and of course they gave each state half the delegates.  No one was completely happy, but the rules have been accepted by most, and here we are.  By accepting the compromise, yes, Hillary won the popular vote.  In this, I was wrong.  

Now, I have to say something. But I swear this will be my last comment on the primaries.  One question I asked repeatedly in the Spring of our Discontent is why-oh-why did Hillary say that Michigan would count for nothing before the Iowa caucuses, and then find religion on Michigan only after she started losing.  To me the answer is pretty apparent, but I'd be happy to hear something that's a little more flattering than my guess.  If anyone has something better, here's your chance, because, as I said, after this, I will never touch the primaries on this site again.

So, OK, rules. If we are to get anywhere, we need to accept a few things. This means that caucuses do count, just like they did when no one was complaining about them in the previous ten or so cycles. This means that the rulings of the Rules Committee stand.  Hillary accepted it, Obama accepted it, the media accepted it, Washington accepted, the public accepted it. Therefore, yes, the resolution by the Rules Committee to our screwy process is this: Hillary won the popular vote; Obama won the delegates; and Obama will be the nominee.

So, now what? Everyone has a choice. They can undermine the candidacy of Obama by repeating tired arguments from the primary and repeating talking points of the McCain campaign, or they can work towards a Democratic presidency and a Democratic majority in Congress.  Because I happen to care about the environment, war, and rights, I know where I stand.

I'm looking forward to this week.  Obama goes on a little vacation, and we get to hear a lot more from Hillary. Then, in a few weeks, we get to hear great speeches from Bill, Hillary, and Obama.  And, then in November, we get to see how all of them worked together and handed McCain's ass to him. Nice.  Looking forward already feels better than looking back.

OK. Getting-It-Off-My-Chest/Train-Of-Thought rambling, over and out.

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I am sure Barack's VP choice will be Gen Wes Clark

Who better to introduce Gen. Clark than Bill Clinton? Gen. Clark may not sound like a very exciting choice but I think he will be a great asset to the ticket. Here are some great arguments in his favor.

1) He brings solid military experience combined with lot of Foreign policy experience.

2) He is a decorated war hero during Vietnam war.

3) He has no voting record and very little paper trail. He is not a politician and that is a change.

4) He was a Clinton supporter during the primary and could bridge the gap.

5) He is a pit-bull and can be a real attack dog.

6) He has appeared on TV many times and comes across very well on TV. He can make some of the toughest comments with a very smiling face.

7) Best of all he is not the other woman. LOL.

You do not hear this often from me but Kudos to Axelrod, Gibbs and Sen. Obama for the way they handled the media the past few days in answering questions about the Clintons.

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