Confused about Edward's Healthcare Plan

I wanted the Edward's supporters to please explain his healthcare plan to me:

From the Washington Post:

During the interview, Edwards also gave new details of his plan for universal health care, which he said would require new taxes.

He said he would propose spending $90 billion to $120 billion a year to expand Medicaid, provide subsidies for people who lack coverage, ask employers to take on additional coverage needs and create what he called "health markets" around the country to create some efficiencies.

"Yes, we will have to raise taxes," he said. That would start, he added, by repealing the tax cuts introduced by Bush during his first term.

Now all I have heard Edward's supporters on here say is how he is supporting a single payer Universal Healthcare System.  Yet, this sure doesn't sound like one to me... Am I misunderstanding something here?  It sounds like he wants to increase medicaid/medicare funding, help those who can't afford it pay for it, and have employers take on additional coverage... which I am thinking is similiar to  the MASS. plan.  I guess this is a start, but it doesn't sound all that great to me at this point, and frankly businesses are going to balk if forced to pay more (being a business owner, the costs of Healthcare are freakin ridiculous... most people don't understand JUST how much of the healthcare costs their employer is picking up.)

So I am asking the Edward's supporters... Please convince me why this is a good plan... DOn't compare it to others... no, HRC or OBAMA or CLARK haven't shown us anything posts... just rate the merits of the plan and tell those of us who aren't supporting Edwards but are open minded, why this is a good plan.

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Can You Believe This President?

I believe that there are extraordinary possibilities in ordinary people, of course I still believe that a man's word is his bond, and a handshake is as good as a written contract.

Naïve, yea guess so to a degree. But aren't we all?

I have some big ideas for growing the progressive movement and in turn changing the way America is governed, and while we all wish that everyone was on the same wave link, we see small men like this President who has small ideas that don't a make a whit of difference in the lives of working Americans.

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Bush's SoTU Pushes Ideology at Expense of Middle Class

The think tank I work for - the Drum Major Institute for Public Policy was up late last night working on our annual "Rapid Response" to Bush's the State of the Union address.  Let me tell you-  on the domestic front (which is the area we work on) President Bush's State of the Union address attempted to sell America on a full scale political philosophy; the philosophy that privatization is the answer to everything. Bush is promoting a failed ideological experiment on the backs of struggling Americans.  The President's highly ideological "solutions" refuse to address the core cause of the problems the middle class is facing. I'm thinking that has something to do with how Bush's friends in the oil industry and the healthcare lobby are a huge part of why we have these problems in the first place.

Our response to the State of the Union analyzes the speech from the perspective of what is in the best interest of America's middle class and those struggling to become middle class.  We highlight specific lines from Bush's address and offer policy information, stats and facts providing an analytic counterpoint to his proposals.

Here's some highlights from our response that show how the President's proposals are not going to cut it.

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Wesley Clark: America Needs Universal Health Care

Wesley Clark has again affirmed his commitment to leading America towards universal health care.

(Click on Youtube links below to see Clark explain his position on healthcare)

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Krugman, Cape Cod, & California--Today's Single-Payer Update

In today's single-payer update, writer Paul Krugman ponders single-payer, Cape Cod plans plans for it, and California nurses advocate for it.  Schwarzenegger's proposal sets the terms for the nation's healthcare debates, which will be conducted in a state whose voters support government healthcare--and a nation not getting enough preventative care.

Brought to you by the National Nurses Organizing Committee as we organize to make 2007 the Year of Single-Payer Healthcare.

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