Israeli Palestinian conflict in a nutshell PHOTO

...or should I say, one picture is sometimes worth a thousand words.

Anna Baltzer, peace activist and author of Witness in Palestine and Haithem El-Zabri, founder of the Palestine Online Store, Austin, TX, November, 2008.

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The Truth about Netanyahu's Intentions UPDATE

How many times have we heard complaints from Israeli politicians about the evils of the Hamas Charter or even the PLO Charter of past days, proof pudding that the Palestinians do not wish peace, but wish to throw Israel into the sea? It's just plain terrorism.

But how many of us appreciate that there is also a Likud Charter that is no less evil, if by that we understand that it is not a pathway to peace, but prescribes a formula for dissolving Palestinian aspirations for statehood, of obliterating the Palestinians as a people.

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Palestinians living illegally in Palestine

subtitled, Palestinians waiting for Obama.

This story is another one out of George Orwell's universe as it has applied so frequently to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It repeats the many instances of how Palestinians can be considered aliens in their own country, or what's left of it. Ultimately, it is a tale of how racism affects this conflict, when a different people held under military occupation for decades can come to lack any civil or human rights.

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Obama Fails in Middle East UPDATE

A few days ago, Robert Dreyfuss in The Nation magazine provided a summary of the state of Barak Obama's Middle East policy, as delivered in his world changing Cairo speech, which promised a new era of peace. The center-piece of Obama's policy was Palestinian statehood (the two state solution) for a people held intolerably in bondage (military occupation) for over four decades, while their lands were being colonized (through various illegal means) by Israel.


The announcement by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas that he will not run for reelection is the exclamation point on the utter collapse of the Obama adminstration's Middle East policy. Launched to great expectations -- the appointment of George Mitchell, Obama's Cairo declaration that the plight of the Palestinians is intolerable -- it is now in complete disarray. It is, without doubt, the first major defeat for Obama's hope-and-change foreign policy.

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NY Mets: `Racism ain't amazin'! Support Israeli colonialism

WTF! Baseball and Israeli colonialism in the same news?

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