The Gaza `Holocaust' has begun

These are three videos of the Palestinian side of Israel's current invasion of Gaza, beginning Jan27-28:





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The S**T has hit the fan in the Gaza

Sorry to interrupt the campaign bickering but there is something serious going down in the Gaza. The Saudi's, Bahrani's and Kuwaiti's just ordered their nationals out of Lebanon, with the Saudi's saying women and children should be out in 48 hours.

Don't pack your shit, fuck taking the dog, just run.

(Reuters) - Saudi Arabia has advised its citizens in Lebanon, especially families living there, to leave immediately due to the security situation, a Lebanese government source said on Saturday.

The source said the Lebanese government had confirmed the news with the Saudi embassy after several Saudi nationals said they received a text message with the advice.

(Folks, they wouldn't do this unless their intel picked up something really ugly.)

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Photos of a Rescue Convoy to Gaza


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The Quartet Fiddles While Palestine Starves

"Slowly, painstakingly, but inexorably, Hamas is moving away from its traditional notion that Palestine is an Islamic waqf [land-in-trust] `from the river to the sea...Hamas is signaling that it accepts Israel as a political reality today and is intimating that it would accept a final agreement with Israel `according to the parameters of the [1991] Madrid conference and U.N. resolutions,' says Palestinian analyst Khaled Hroub, an authority on the Islamist party."

- Graham Usher, veteran Palestine correspondent for The Economist (Middle East Report Online, 21/8/05)

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The Stage Is Being Set For A U.S.-backed Coup In Gaza

I'm surprised that this still needs saying, but, evidently, it does. The current civil conflict in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT) is not an internal Palestinian matter. Any attempt to analyse the fighting between Fatah and Hamas militants without discussing the critical role played by Israel and sections of the international community in engineering the crisis is nothing less than a misrepresentation of the entire situation.

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