Senate Republicans are Pulling Up the Stakes

The fact that John Ensign has been unable as chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee to keep up with Chuck Schumer, the head of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, in terms of fundraising, recruiting and just about everything else is having real ramifications at this point in the election cycle. Take a look, for instance, at what the cash-strapped NRSC is doing these days.

Republicans' Senate campaign arm called off television ads Tuesday that were to air in New Mexico in the run-up to Election Day, an indication that it's leaving the GOP candidate there to fend for himself as the party braces for losses.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee's decision to cancel the New Mexico spots reflects its priorities during a tough year for the GOP, with the party lagging badly in fundraising and resigned to losing seats in the Senate.

Remember, despite the fact that Democratic Congressman Tom Udall is leading in the fundraising race and in the polls, the seat in New Mexico is a Republican seat and has been for the last 36 years, so the GOP is writing off the race two months out from election day is rather remarkable. It looks like we should be seeing not only more and better Democrats in Congress, but also more and better Udalls in the Senate as well.

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Keep Fighting! We're On The Cusp of a Landslide.

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I believe this election is on the cusp of becoming a landslide for Obama, and I believe that's why the McCain campaign panicked and chose Palin at the last minute without vetting her.

We keep seeing diaries with the latest Gallup, Rasmussen, CBS, etc polling showing a tightening or expanding race. But one thing I have not seen anyone do yet is put this in historical perspective.

Once you do that, you see just how strong Obama is in this election cycle, and why the republicans are so dispirited and downtrodden.

This, more than any other election in my 31 years, is ours to lose. We MUST keep fighting, not only to win, but to utterly decimate the republican party nationwide.

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GA-Sen: The coming air war, Part Two

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Hopefully this diary is timed slightly better than the last.  The halo of the RNC is starting to wear off, and McCain-Palin is going into the country to try and keep up what momentum they can.  Meanwhile, we've still got to deal with the state-by-state duels to take the Senate.

I will post my usual upfront fundraising plea here before getting into the meat of the topic.  Right now, Jim Martin has almost reached the $20k mark on ActBlue.  Is a goal of reaching $50k by the next week too high a mark to set?

Alright, now to the heart of the matter.  This is part two of a two part series.  In the first part, I brought out the first set pieces of Saxby Chambliss in the coming two-month TV slamfest.  The second part is about our side, with Jim Martin.


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Obama Retrieved My Vote. Palin Reopened My Wallet.

Two months ago I was so embittered by Obama's lack of support for our constitutional rights that I withdrew my $450 donation to his campaign, removed myself from all of the campaign mailing lists, and vowed to myself that I was not going to vote this November.

Last week the DNC, and in particular Obama's speech, touched me so greatly that my vote for him was restored.

On Tuesday, Joe Lieberman touched me so greatly that I decided to start calling every state I can on every weekend from now until the election passes.

On Wednesday, Sarah Palin reopened my wallet and restored my full-throated support to Obama.

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Palin is a MAJOR HIT !!!!

According to George Stephanolopous on ABC's World News Tonight, the RNC has raised an incredible amount of money since last night - a cool one million dollars.

Sadly, Obama/Biden did not match that amount.  No.

According to George, they only raised $10,000,000.  Yup.  10 mill.

Thanks, Sarah!!

You Rock!!

Do you wanna see Barack or Governor Kooky on your browser for the next four years??


Donate early, donate often:

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