Politico/NYT Expose Implosion: McCain's Bus Runneth Over!

Take cover, this implosion's going to be a doozy. According to several news reports this evening, the New York Times Sunday magazine will print an article this weekend featuring numerous anonymous recriminations and back-stabs between McCain staffers.

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New Voters Under Siege: Ohio Exemplifies National Voting Rights Issues

Cross-posted at Project Vote's blog, Voting Matters

Weekly Voting Rights News Update

By Erin Ferns

For those of us who believe that democracy works best when all eligible citizens participate, the influx of new voters makes for an exciting presidential election year. Of course, with the excitement and high expectations of turnout comes controversy and partisan resistance to the new crop of voters.

Battles over accommodating, verifying and counting these new voters are plaguing states across the country with everything from partisan initiated voter caging plans to statewide practices of voter purges, as outlined in Wired this week.

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Smerconish(!?) dropped the Wasserman Schultz on a wingnut!

On my birthday, Michael Smerconish gave a somewhat surprising endorsement of Obama. Realizing that this probably caused most of his wingnut listener base to defect, I decided to return him the favor by tuning in this morning (I swear it had nothing to do with NPR's fundraising drive).

His guest was a terrorism "expert" from the Bush administration (I'm sorry I didn't catch his name), and Smerconish was providing this tool with free reign to stump for McCain during a supposedly non-partisan discussion of anti-terrorism policy and WTF happened in Tora Bora. He wouldn't mention specifics; he just kept uttering, off topic, that he supports McCain in this election. I was thinking to myself, "What's up, Smerconish? Standard protocol is to shut these fools down. Why are you letting this jerk run amok?"

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Fact Check Site for House races

Forget Wisconsin nice - the House race in Wisconsin's 8th Congressional District is anything but.  It's a rerun of the 2006 open seat race, with the Democrat, Dr. Steve Kagen (now Congressman), up against Republican (former) Assembly Speaker John Gard.  

The 06 campaign was the nastiest the district had ever seen - and this is Joe McCarthy's ancestral homeland!

The old Gard is at it again, and nastier than ever.  Details - and the response after the jump

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What do the Conservative Endorsements actually mean.

The last 2 weeks have been incredible.

It all started with Kathleen, but she didn't endorse Obama, she just couldn't endorse McCain and be his surrogate.  Then Chris Buckley endorsed.  Chicago Tribune followed, Houston Chronicle, not to mention the tacit support of George Will and David Brooks towards an Obama Presidency; finally came the wholehearted endorsement of Colin Powell.

And to put the nail on the coffin Ben Bernanke admitted that Obama's plan for saving the economy was more doable and less burdensome than McCain's.

what happened? and what does this mean?

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