11th-hr GOP desperation sullies wrong Jew's mailbox.

In PA, the GOP has flooded the airways and post-offices with their anti-Obama sleaze in what appears to be their only synchronous and coherent effort to date--a last ditch attempt to paint Barack Obama in a scary light. And their attacks are tainted with an odd focus on frightening Jewish PA voters like me. Yesterday, the Republican Party of PA sullied my mailbox with the product of this effort.

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43% of Georgia's Black Voters Cast Early Ballots

Early voting in Georgia has concluded and as of the close of business, Friday, October 31, 2008, nearly 2 million Georgians exercised their right to vote early.  

DeKalb County closed out the 45-day early voting period in first place among Georgia's 159 counties with 177,320 early ballots cast.  Fulton, Gwinnett, Cobb and Henry counties rounded out the top five.  

According to data provided by the Secretary of State's office, 35% of Georgia's 5,598,425 registered voters braved the weather and the long lines to vote early.

Below is the demographic breakdown of Georgia's early voters:

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Right Wing Phonebank Firm Run by Ex-Cons

Dan Reilly is the Republican candidate for State Representative in District 72. His opponent is incumbent Representative Amy Rice, a person who has distinguished herself as a progressive voice for Aquidneck Island. In 2006, Rice won a nail biter of an election against Republican John Robatille, who now works in the press office for Governor Don Carcieri.Despite the closeness of the last election, Reilly faces a number of issues making his race more of an uphill battle.

Those issues are multiplying.

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I have compiled a list of good candidates in twenty states based on my own research, Progressive Majority, and the Indigenous Democratic Network. This is in NO WAY intended to be comprehensive for any of these states, and I may re-post as new endorsements and new states get updated. But I am one person trying to do all I can. I think there are some fabulous candidates, from Senate right down to school board, in many of these states. So please vote for these candidates, spread the word in your state (if appropriate), and add your own endorsements. Again, don't rag on me if I missed some one. I know I missed people. But I did the best round up I could of as many states as I could and am on the verge of collapsing.

Please pass this along.

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PERIMORTEM: The Legacy of John McCain

Crossposted at Motley Moose.

Desperation to resurrect his increasingly hopeless Presidential aspirations has led John McCain to press his divisive rhetoric even further beyond the pale: associating Barack Obama with the specter of socialism. Consequently, he has fueled the irrational fears of his less than reality based supporters to such an extent that they equate Obama with terrorism, with treason, and with the bizzaro belief that the Democratic nominee is somehow a danger to the Nation. Fostering an atmosphere of anxiety and anger may likely earn McCain a place in history alongside the likes of Joe McCarthy.  Whatever honor lies extant in him has suffered under the yoke of his blind ambition.

How will history judge John McCain?  As the son of a public high school History teacher, I learned early to look to the past when seeking to learn about our present--and our future.

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