Barack Obama and Wes Clark in Colorado - Great Pics! - UPDATED

I am sorry this is such a short diary, but I just had to pass along some FABULOUS pictures of Barack Obama, Michelle Obama and Wes Clark.

The only problem I have is that I can not figure out how to embed this slide show into the diary. Please see the UPDATE below.

So here is a link that takes you to so GREAT Pictures! 1

11/01/08 - Campaigning with Barack Obama in Colorado

Featured in the photos with General Clark are Gov. Bill Ritter, Jr. (Colorado), his wife Jeannie Ritter, Sen. Ken Salazar and (of course) Senator Barack Obama. 1

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Vote. Take your kids to Vote. Get out the Vote.

Tomorrow's the big day. There are three things left to do:

1. Vote. Okay, we all know this one. Some of you already have voted. I prefer voting on election day at my polling place because I like the whole activity of going to vote and the community feeling you get voting amongst your neighbors. However you choose to vote, just make sure you do it.

2. Take your kids to vote (if you have kids). It's a great way to teach kids about democracy and get them excited about voting in the future. Kids are always eager to participate in things they aren't allowed to do until they're older. By taking your kids to the polls, they will look forward to turning 18 so they can vote, just like they look forward to turning 16 so they can drive.

3. Get out the vote! There are many ways to do this, both formal and informal. You can help through your local Democratic party with phone banking, knocking on doors, and other activities. Just call your local party or favorite campaign and ask how you can help.

But even if you can't participate in organized GOTV activities, you can still get out the vote on your own. Wear your "I Have Voted" sticker proudly, and ask everyone you talk to, "Have you voted YET?" Call your friends and family members and remind them to get out and vote. When you leave work, remind everyone that they need to get to the polls by 8pm (and even if the Presidential race has already been called, remind them of the state and local races that need their votes).

Help someone else get out to vote. Offer to give someone a ride to the polls. Offer to watch a friend's kids, or pick up their kids from school so they have time to vote. Cook dinner for a busy friend (or bring over a pizza) so they can make it to the polls. If you're an employer or manager, let your employees have as much time as they may need to vote.

When more people vote, Democrats win. So whatever you do, make tomorrow about more than just your own vote. Help get out the vote anyway you can.

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Twenty One State Endorsement List

This is an update on my previous list. I have compiled a list of good candidates in twenty states based on my own research, Progressive Majority, and the Indigenous Democratic Network. This is in NO WAY intended to be comprehensive for any of these states, and I may re-post as new endorsements and new states get updated. But I am one person trying to do all I can. I think there are some fabulous candidates, from Senate right down to school board, in many of these states. So please vote for these candidates, spread the word in your state (if appropriate), and add your own endorsements. Again, don't rag on me if I missed some one. I know I missed people. But I did the best round up I could of as many states as I could and am on the verge of collapsing.

Please pass this along and, if applicable, take any helpful info with you to the polls.

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The Reagan Revolution is DEAD! Long live democracy!

The concept of Republican conservatism, as put upon the American populace by Ronald Reagan, and implemented with a vengeance by George W. Bush, has proved to be a misguided philosophy, a failed philosophy.  On the precipice of the American people taking back their country, and their government; on the precipice of the American people rejecting Republican conservatism, I present to you that we didn't start the fire.
Get out and vote.  I will.  YES, OBAMA!

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Ron Paul: President of Montana

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No, not really, but according to the PPP poll released very early this morning Ron Paul is pulling about 4% that John McCain might otherwise get.

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