The long haul - do the netroots have the patience?

One of the reasons, perhaps, why lefty bloggers are painted as wet behind the ears is the impression sometimes given that they expect the millennium tomorrow. Or, at the very latest, the first day of the next Congress.

Perhaps it's today's 24/7 world, perhaps it was ever thus. (Old(ish) guy talking!)

My perspective: I look for glacial progress, picking up in time to something like a snakes's slither.

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Grassroots President 2008: The Year of the Darkhorse?

A blurb today over at mentions that 2008 Presidential hopefuls Hillary Clinton and Russ Feingold both gave congratulatory phone calls to Iowa gubernatorial candidate Ed Fallon.  Who is Ed Fallon you say? Well, he just pulled off a successful grassroots effort in the Iowa primary, coming in third with a surprisingly high vote total of 26%.  This obviously begs the question: So what?

The answer lies in the modern history of Presidential politics, specifically with the meteoric rise from obscurity that Jimmy Carter enjoyed in the 1976 campaign.  This was a time in which Watergate still hung heavy over Washington like a dark cloud, and the spectre of the Vietnam War was haunting the American psyche.  Out of this dark political climate arose a good ol' boy from Georgia, whose smile and Southern drawl gave him a refreshing feel amidst the stagnant backdrop of the status quo.

But as Goddard reminds us, the key to Carter's victory lay in his brilliant use of grassroots tactics in the primary season to bring together the dissatisfied members of his party into a cohesive political force. He accomplished this by uniting the losers of primary battles in key states, and appealing to their sense of being an 'outsider' to the party norm.  While Clinton may not embody the 'outside-the-beltway' spirit inherent in this movement, and Feingold's position as an established force in the Senate does not help him either, I think that they serve as an interesting example of what may be to come in 2008:  The Year of the Dark Horse.

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That pantywaist-tongued Mark Warner!

Far too early for too much 08 horse-race stuff for me.

But, in AdNag's latest effort, under hed War Handicaps Senators in '08 White House Race, we get something of a shocking revelation from Warner talking about Iraq withdrawal:

My sense is going out without a plan is just as bad as going in without a plan. So I have not been one of those people who say that come heck or high water, we are going to leave by a fixed date.

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On Primary Schedules

Reading CAat14K's front paged diary Alabama: Moving on up had me thinking again about the best way to schedule presidential primaries.

Defining "best" as that which serves the people best removes what I am about to write from the realm of political reality in Washington, DC and various State capital circles that actually get to decide these things. In those places "best" is defined by political and financial capital and some people's short term views of the "best" way to produce a winner. What is "best" for the people is not part of that equation.

What I hear most of us clamor for is diversity and the opportunity for our state and therefore our vote to count. We want a say in who our Presidential nominee will be. This too separates us from the circles of the politically powerful who believe they know what is best and therefore want to keep that decision to themselves.

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Two reasons for Bush to support Hillary in 08

I've not paid much heed to the fraternization between Daddy Bush and Bill Clinton. Probably just Ex-Presidents Club stuff.

However, if it turns out that the Bushes have been smiling on Hill's prez run, it would not necessarily be because Daddy has done one too many parachute jumps or Sonny is back on the sauce.

So far as I'm aware, the Bush decks are clear: they owe no GOP support in 08, and have no faves in line for the GOP nom.

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