Fiorina Passover Email: "As We Break Bread"

Score another one for the web team of California Senate candidate Carly Fiorina. Here's the email that went out under the subject line "Best wishes for a safe and happy Passover."

Passover is a time of remembrance and thanks. This festival provides us all – Jewish, Christian and all faiths – an opportunity to reflect on the challenges we have faced and the triumphs we have achieved together. It is also a reminder of the resilient spirit that has carried people through trials of every kind through every generation.

This week, as we break bread and spend time with our families and friends, I hope we also take a moment to say a word of thanks for our freedom and for those who have given their lives in freedom’s name. Let us also look ahead with hope to the opportunities to come.

Best wishes for a safe and happy holiday.


Carly Fiorina

It's very nice of Fiorina to send out a Passover email to supporters. As a Jewish voter in California, I would say thank you, and chag sameach back to her. But I might also say one other thing: When one sends out an email wishing people a "happy Passover" -- a holiday celebrated through bread abstinence -- one might not want to use the line "as we break bread." Just a thought...


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