Will Clothes Cost Palin a Tax Cut?

[Republished from 2008Central.net]

Via Ben Smith, it is reported that Sarah Palin's wardrobe expenses count as income under the federal tax code. As someone currently taking Tax I, this seems pretty obvious.

Her Alaska salary is reportedly $81,648. Add in the $150,000 of clothes, and her income for the year would be $231,648.

Taking that over to Obama's tax calculator and ... she will probably not get a tax cut anymore; she would without the clothes, though. (I'll not that I have no idea what Todd Palin made in the past year, and do not particularly have an inclination to find out.) She would have lower taxes under Obama's plan just using her income as Governor. (Again, sans anything from Todd.)

Incidentally, I think this account of the need for the wardrobe is fair. But I'd still argue that these constitute income.

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Racism, Division & the 2008 Clinton Campaign

This has been one of the saddest things to watch. A person who was respected, admired, and supported by so many progressive Americans becoming so desperate for power that she resorts to the politics of division and blatant race-baiting to try to get that power.

     "The Clinton campaign has intentionally inflamed these simmering antagonisms: black versus Hispanic, black versus white, black versus older women, white collar versus blue collar, young versus old, under-educated versus college grad...For the dull-witted, Clinton's surrogates are sent out spell it out in capital letters. Obama used cocaine (Bob Johnson). Obama's middle name is "Hussein" (Bob Kerrey).  Obama is a master of "shuck and jive" (Andrew Cuomo). Obama is another Jesse Jackson (Bill Clinton)." ~ Jeffrey St. Clair

This campaign has brought out the worst of the sexism and racism that we all know still haunts America. the sexism has come from Obama supporters and, especially, the media. The racism has come from Clinton supporters, the media, and unfortunately the Clinton campaign and Clinton herself. Thus, the idea that Obama will pick Hillary Clinton as veep is one of the most ridiculous things i've ever read. the first ticket headed by an African American will certainly NOT have a race-baiter in the veep slot.

Clinton as veep?
can you say HELL NO?
i can.
and Obama can.
yes he can.

Update [2008-5-23 13:36:33 by catchaz]: in response to comments: yes, Clinton has lost. so what's the point of this diary? to shame those seemingly shameless Dems who are willing to embrace or excuse racism to win elections. The people complaining and writing about the disgusting sexism in the media nd from Obama supporters are RIGHT. and their words are important because what the fuck good are Dems who don't fight sexism? the people writing and complaining about the racism that came directly from the Clinton campaign are RIGHT. and their words are important because what the fuck good are Dems who don't fight racism?

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