Clinton Campaign Fudges Debt Numbers

The Boston Globe is reporting:  "Hillary Clinton's campaign debt at the end of March was bigger than it appeared because she didn't list the $5 million she loaned herself, a campaign finance watchdog group reported this afternoon."

It's not too surprising to learn that Hillary's campaign has "massaged" the numbers to give the illusion that they weren't bleeding money.  Such dishonesty, oh my! ticalintelligence/2008/04/clinton_debt_l a.html

"An FEC representative tells us Clinton's debt to herself, even if she won't be paying it back, should be lumped in with the campaign's debts to others on the first page of the monthly filings, not just listed deeper within her disclosure forms -- that's how the other big self-funder in 2008, Mitt Romney, reported the $42 million he lent himself."

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"Fired up" -- I'm in Debt for Hillary (WARNING: PHOTOS)

I just bought my ticket for Hillary's fundraiser tomorrow.

A little background, I pretty much fit into the Obama stereotype.  I was fortunate enough to be raised in a well-to-do household.  My college gets paid for and I like drinking frozen lattes.  Yet, alas, as a college student, I am running up enough debt already!  But I feel so strongly about this "Hillary thing" that's happening right now.

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CT House Speaker Wants to "Buy Your Vote!"

see: photo at:

This is a quote taken from the movie Brewster's Millions, the movie is very apropos in lieu of the billions in bonding. There is one exception however, that the Millions Brewster was squandering was his inheritance, this made the movie rather funny. Amann on the other hand is squandering millions of your and my money, not even money that we have but rather money he has charged to our tax payer "credit cards."

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$2,900,000,000,000.00 Budget (political cartoon)

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UK News: 50,000 Iraq Troop Escalation

(Thanks to Culture of Life News for heads-up.)

Looks like the Defective Capitalist Tool In Chief is going for the "double-down gamble" option in Iraq! He's looking for 50,000 more troops to escalate the Iraq war. Here are some news clips, along with some other items to make you think about the stark implications of this move. This news appeared in Europe considerably earlier than it did in the US media outlets.

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