Hillary's debt

What happened to Jerome Armstrong and Natasha Chart?  Haven't seen anything from Natasha in quite some time; we could use less water-carrying on the front page.

Articles titled "Obama Donors Aren't Rushing to Aid Clinton" to be published in tomorrow's New York Times are probably not too helpful to the cause of unity at this time.  I have no idea why one of Obama's donors, who wished to remain anonymous, decided to show some snoopy NYT reporter the e-mails he had received in response to his plea to other Obama donors that they help Hillary with her debt.  Read the article yourself:
http://nytimes.com/2008/07/09/us/politic s/09debt.html

So, Obama donors have only coughed up around $100,000, excluding pledge amounts, to Hillary's debt.  I thought that the number would be around $500,000 by now but then again, there's a lot of juicy stuff in the article, probably by people with an axe to grind because none of these people should be disclosing these details to some scumbag reporter looking for a story.

Donors from both sides should probably learn how to shut up and keep their inner bitterness to themselves rather than expressing it to the press; they should take a page from their respective candidates.  Obama donors should ask themselves what more do they want out of Hillary Clinton and Clinton donors should probably ask themselves what more do they want Obama to do about her debt, considering that he has to raise money for himself at the same time.  

Everyone says its common for the winner to help out the runner-usp with their debt; I'd like someone to find out how much John McCain has helped out Rudy Guiliani or Mitt Romney with their debt.

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Bad TIPS, are other US bonds next?

A little story passed by the radar of most folks this past week.  A piece of news that really shows the US reaching a watershed moment.  What is this oh so awesome thing?  Well it isn't awesome, in fact, it isn't good at all.  Investors are starting to reject government securities.

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Helping Obama get elected

For the past couple of weeks I've been trying to understand my feelings about HRC's campaign debt. On one hand, having Obama's supporters help her out will help build some goodwill within donor networks and will be a real step toward bringing the two camps together. On another hand, having to raise an extra 10 million from Obama supporters that will not go toward the national campaign at a time when republicans have been amassing a bigger war chest than the democrats seems like too much of a distraction.
Hillary has already graciously written off the 12 million she lent her campaign as an investment in her own brand. I'm trying to figure out what would be so bad about her "loaning" her campaign another 10 million to pay off her vendors and free up all donors to focus on Obama. I think this gesture would add some follow-through to her statements that she will do whatever she can to help Obama get elected, and it would demonstrate leadership and personal responsibility at a time when so many in our society are paying for things with money they don't have.

Although I don't understand exactly why, I have a feeling I will offend some with this suggestion. Am I crazy for thinking this way?

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Hillary's big donors need to "Get over it"

Look, I completely understand the idea that there is an entire generation of older women voters that are devastated by Hillary's loss in the primary. For many of these women, they have had to go through their entire lives wondering they would ever see a woman climb so high in national government - and the one woman who they believed most qualified to fulfill this dream has failed. For these women, Hillary's candidacy was not only a fulfillment of their own hopes/dreams, but a sign of what is possible to their daughters/nieces/granddaughters. Although the vast majority of these women will eventually come around to support Obama because of the violence that a McCain presidency would do to these hopes/aspirations, it will take some time for the wound to heal.

Wealthy donors, at least in my mind, many of whom are titular and symbolic heads/leaders of the Democratic Party, need to quickly circle wagons. Instead, we see these people acting like petulant children - even as Hillary herself has been the model of grace after a tough loss. I keep reading these "behind the scenes" accounts of these donors - who allegedly have Hillary's interests at heart - continually grousing that Obama isn't doing this or that, and that they are still cold to the idea of Obama as the nominee. These men and women have grown rich and famous by insinuating themselves into the Democratic establishment. They should have been the FIRST people calling for Unity. Instead of moving forward, they are trying to hold Obama hostage until he magically makes Hillary's debt disappear. Why aren't they appealing to her 18,000,000 voters to help Hillary?

Sorry for the rant.  

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Obama Reaches Out To Clinton Donors

Despite clear signs that Clinton supporters are shifting to Obama without much trouble, the Obama campaign is doing a full court press to win over stragglers, particularly donors. To that end, this strikes me as a very smart move:

Barack Obama announced Thursday that he will help pay off Hillary Rodham Clinton's more than $20 million debt, personally writing a check in a gesture meant to win over her top financial backers.

Obama's true value to Clinton is mobilizing his list to help her pay off her debt, but as a symbolic gesture of his commitment to helping Hillary, Barack delivered a check to Hillary Clinton in the amount of $4,600 representing the max contribution by both him and Michelle to Hillary's campaign.

And in his meeting with more than 200 of Clinton's largest donors and fundraisers, the gesture went over very well.

Obama received a standing ovation from the crowd of more than 200 when he said he would enlist his supporters to help pay off her debt.

"I'm going to need Hillary by my side campaigning during his election, and I'm going to need all of you," Obama said, according to a report written by the only reporter allowed into the event and shared with other reporters afterward. He recounted how he had told his top fundraisers this week "to get out their checkbooks and start working to make sure Senator Clinton -- the debt that's out there needs to be taken care of."

Wisely, Hillary Clinton has announced that she won't seek assistance paying off the $12 million in debt that she personally loaned her campaign.

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