DNC Day 2: Arithmetic


In a sane world, Bill Clinton's speech would be some far right shit I'd be mad about.

It's not a sane world.

Watch the speech here.  Watch the hug that ruined Fox News' fun.  In the end?  Still just a convention speech with marginal influence.  But it went a long way toward further defining what the Democratic Party is pitching (or should be) and servering at very least as a reminder that you can talk smart and folksy together for one hell of a sell.  Krugman: Awesome, except for this.

Pre-Clinton stand outs: Judy Chu, Emanuel Cleaver (!!!), Sandra Fluke, an underwhelming and still amazing to listen to Elizabeth Warren.  Things to avoid unless you like being angry: Steny Hoyer, some talkers talking about the Senate races, and the early morning "let's make sure this gets more press, the President Said" voice vote.

Posting this late in the day (3) so better things have already been written here and here.  Overall another strong day for Democrats, especially in contrast.  And with the news of the Romney camp pulling money out of swing states a month earlier than McCain did the same, the media narrative of the campaigns could get interesting starting now.

On that front, Nate Silver is already looking ahead.

Tonight's prime time schedule.


Obama to Name Rep. Wasserman Schultz as DNC Chair

In a bit of surprise, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida is expected to be named chair of the Democratic National Committee later Tuesday, top Democratic sources said. Wasserman Schultz was chosen for her strength as a fund-raiser and as a television messenger, and for her clout in the crucial swing state of Florida, the sources said. She will succeed Tim Kaine, who announced earlier Tuesday that he will run for U.S. Senate from Virginia. The final choice, made by President Barack Obama, came down to her and former Ohio governor Ted Strickland, the sources said. 

Via Politico:

President Barack Obama has settled on Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) as the new chair of the Democratic National Committeetop Democratic sources said Tuesday.

Wasserman Schultz, 44, was chosen for her strength as a fund-raiser and as a television messenger, and for her clout in the crucial swing state of Florida, the sources said.

She will succeed Tim Kaine, who announced earlier Tuesday that he will run for U.S. Senate from Virginia.

The final choice came down to Wasserman Schultz and former Ohio governor Ted Strickland, the sources said.

Wasserman Schultz is in her fourth term in the House, and has long been seen as one of the younger rising leaders in the Democratic caucus.

She's feisty, fearless, talented, articulate and most of all is acutely aware that the GOP is a party of sycophantic bobbleheads. This may be Obama's best appointment yet.


Will the Real Enthusiasm Gap-Please Stand Up!



With the mid-term elections just around the corner, Republican poll numbers are cresting, as Democrats are making their way back to their ideological home.

With the DNC raising a record 16 million in September, it is very clear that the Democratic Pary is alive and well and the voters are gearing up for the November election. 

According to The Fix, “The Democratic National Committee raised $16 million in September alone, a startlingly strong month of fundraising that party operatives insist is a sign of momentum for their side with roughly one month remaining before the November midterms.”

The DNC record haul was not only their best month of 2010, but also their best year since 2002. What is even more encouraging for Democrats is that 80% of the record total came from the Internet and direct mailings, not fundraisers featuring wealthy individual donors.

On the GOP side, the RNC has not, and probably will not release their fundraising numbers. Michael Steele has crushed all Republican confidence in the organization, and the RNC has been struggling to raise money since he became chairman. The RNC and Republican organizers such as Karl Rove, have been relying on outside groups such as the Koch brothers to fund their slate of candidates around the country. It is becoming apparanet that big time money will not guarantee an election victory, as Republicans were betting on after recruiting a handful of wealthy contributers.

The media loves to drum up expectations of the election results,even before the voters cast their votes. They use generic poll questions to measure voter enthusiasm, and then use the unreliable results of their pretenious poll, to predict in their words the beginning of a "Republican Tsunami".  However, as Democrats wake up from their Summer slumber and begin to focurs on the election and determine what's at stake in the midterms, voter apathy is being replaced by voter enthusiam. The tidal wave of the GOP, may yet become a myth as the election draws near.

It isn’t a coincidence that as President Obama has hit the road and started to campaign for Democrats and define the message of the 2010 election, Democratic voters are engaging. They are beginning to understand and realize that a Republican 'Tea Party' takeover is not an alternative that the country can afford to make . Contrary to the media narrative, Democrats are far from dead. In fact they may not only survive, but retain their majorities in what was supposed to be the so called year of the Republican.





DNC Chairman Meets with Black Bloggers

A few days ago I attended a DNC meeting with Black Political and Social Action Bloggers and DNC Chairman, Gov.Tim Kaine. This is a 180 degree change from the days of black bloggers concerned about a lack of access within the DNC. I'm reminded about a post a number of years ago, by Liza at the culture Kitchen when she wrote: "These are the 20 liberal bloggers that met with Bill Clinton in Harlem

It was great to see and hear black political bloggers like Leutisha Stills aka "The Christian Progressive Liberal from Jack and Jill Politics, Black Snob'sDanielle.Belton, Blogger Jeneba Jalloh "JJ" Ghatt, Kristal High of Politic365.com, Garlin Gilchrist II at Garlin.org, Donna Marie Coles Johnson at Indie Business, Debbie Hines atLegalSpeaks.com, Navarrow Wright at Maxie Solutions, Keli Goff, Barry Miles from Wee See You. Com, Carmen Rosenweek at All About Race, CPR Thomas at WeeSeeYou.com, along with representatives from Blogging While BrownTheLoop21,  Electronic Village,The RootLegal Speaks and the Center for Community Change,  attending and engaged in the meeting with the DNC Chairman. 

"The conversation  revolved around the DNC’s efforts to inform, engage and empower voters – especially African American voters- to participate in the upcoming elections. 

The DNC senior staff have said if President Obama is to continue moving our country forward our community has to be informed.  Moreover, he needs allies in Congress and in order for him to have allies in Congress we need people to come to the polls and vote.

The conversation with Chairman Kaine took place today at the DNC headquarters in Washington, DC with a conference call-in number for black bloggers who were not be able to attend in person. 

There were background discussions with  senior DNC staffers, including Clyde E. Williams, Political Director for the DNC, along with Derrick L. Plummer, Regional Press Secretary,  and Jamiah Adams, New Media Constituency Manager at the DNC.  Read more HERE

Bloggers in attendance got a real opportunity to discuss the DNC’s detailed plan to engage voters and how the DNC can be a resource to members of the African American Political blogger community.

This meeting in many ways appeared to serve as a DNC coordinated follow-up to an earlier high level meeting between black bloggers and the Obama administration. 

As reported by Casey Gane-McCalla over at NewsOne,  President Obama's staff has been reaching out to an array of new black opinion-makers ---- black political bloggers and Pundits.   As reported by Casey Gane-McCalla, the White House meeting was brokered by Cheryl Contee of the blog Jack & Jill Politics, and was several months in the making. As reported by NewsOne, It also offered the bloggers a chance to connect with the administration and find ways to gain more White House access. Over 60 bloggers met in June with Jesse Lee, director of the White House’s Online Programs, and Corey Ealons, White House director of African American Media, while in the DC for Blogging While Brown conference. More HERE

Regarding the meeting with the DNC Chairman Kaine it was organized by DNC Regional Press  Secretary Derrick L. Plummer, along with Jamiah Adams, New Media Constituency Manager with the DNC.   

During the meeting we learned from the DNC Chairman that the DNC will provide an unprecedented amount of resources with a special emphasis on base turnout — youth, African-Americans, Latinos and first-time voters. I found the DNC Chairman to be thoughtful, candid, and willing to listen to ways to improve DNC communication to African American voters and African American bloggers.

Advertising on black political blogs websites

This Pundit asked whether there would be any special emphasis for the DNC to advertise on black political blogs. Something that has been a concern of mine and other black bloggers for some time. We will be asking that question again, and will inform our readers of the final answer. Show me the money!

As I said back in 2007, more black voters will be reading these black bloggers views and opinions. There are progressive black political bloggers suchJack and Jill PoliticsAfro-Netizen,Black CommentatorBlack Agenda ReportBlack Races,BlackProfBrownFemiPowerBlack electorate,Field Negro, Mirror on AmericaNegro Please,NegroPhileOliver WillisPrometheus 6Republic of TSkeptical Brotha,Where Is The Outrage?,Francis Holland, Anderson at Large, and so many others, (don’t forget the Angry Indian – Voice of a Native Son) who just may be interested in advertising and the DNC's advertising dollar.

Future Black blogger - DNC Coordination

During the discussion with DNC Chairman,  Tim Kaine the former Virginia governor says given all the challenges his party's faced since the 2008 election, and despite the poll numbers, he's believes the Democrats can pull off victories in some races that will surprise people.  He pointed out Democrats need help from all segments to inform, engage and empower voters – especially African American voters- to participate in the upcoming elections.

AAP says: "I know I want my President to be successful. Do you? It's about rebuilding our nation, our communities our neighborhoods. Although I am not a Democrat, I believe it's time to rally with the President and his party around issues we agree upon. I believe progressive black political bloggers should support the President and the DNC... even when we disagree. Just remember to hold the DNC and the President accountable, if they don't address issues like high unemployment, poverty reduction and other issues important to our communities."

- African American Pundit can reached at: africanamericanpundit@gmail.com 


Quick Hits

The DNC’s Rules and Bylaws Committee has quietly decided to keep SuperDelegates though the committee has voted to dilute the superdelegates’ influence mostly by increasing the number of ordinary delegates. The full story in Newsweek.

Paul Krugman worries that US policymakers will view the US unemployment problem as a structural one and beyond their control and thus resolve to do nothing about it.

California's high court on Monday upheld the state's 14-year-old law barring preferential treatment of women and minorities in public school admissions, government hiring and contracting. In a 6-1 ruling, the state Supreme Court rejected arguments from the city of San Francisco and Attorney General Jerry Brown that the law, known as Proposition 209, violates federal equality protections. Opponents of the ban say it creates barriers for minorities and women that don't exist for other groups, such as veterans seeking preference. The story from the Associated Press.

The New York Times profiles Chris Dudley, the former NBA player for the Portland Trailblazers currently running for Governor in Oregon. Dudley is using the McDonnell-Christie playbook in hopes of becoming the first Republican to be elected Governor of Oregon since 1982.

The Los Angeles Times looks at Arizona's transition from being a state that was welcoming to immigrants to becoming the epicenter of anti-immigrant bashing.


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