Netanyahu calls for a Palestinian state? UPDATE

You could read about this great breakthrough on Haaretz, the Israeli newspaper yesterday, that Netanyahu is now calling for a Palestinian state! Who could have believed it?

Middle East envoy Tony Blair stated in an interview in the current edition of Time Magazine that in talks with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli premier suggested to Blair that a Palestinian state be established from the bottom up.

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Israeli ministers renounce two-state solution

If George Mitchell didn't already know that he is in for the fight of his life in bringing peace to the Middle East, it was recently announced by Israeli ministers that there would be no Palestinian state. The right wing Likud line proclaimed by Bibi Netanyahu has merely repeated the central tenet of the Clean Break document of 1996, authored by American Neocons like Richard Pearle and Douglas Feith during his first stint as PM: "no land for peace. Peace for peace." Clean Break referred to a clean break from the earlier Oslo Accords, the first diplomatic effort to recognize the Palestinian right to an independent state, to land.

This time around, however, Netanyahu seems willing to add some bread to Clean Break in order to acquiesce the Palestinians, euphemistically called "economic justice," or as the Israeli minister below put it, "two economies for two peoples." One can only believe that during the South African Apartheid era, there were also two economies: one for whites and one for Blacks. Their intersection was the cheap labor Black South Africans provided to white owned industries.

As Apartheid is the only possible outcome of continued Israeli colonialism of Palestinian lands, the ascendancy of the Likuds does not bode well for Israel or for the Obama administration.

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A Clean Break: The Neocons' Next War

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(By the way, I just want to mention that I'm aware that this has been written about before, especially on Daily Kos. But, I don't recall seeing it here at MyDD, and if so, I think it was kind of buried with all the Lamont excitement).

I've been feeling particularly humorless of late.

What with all the disgusting political machinations by the GOP, trying to subvert the Lamont victory by tying it to the absurd argument that "some" (read: a majority of Americans) don't get that America is under threat of terrorism, while senior Bush administration officials were fully aware of the pending public disclosure of the British terror plot.

And the "kill them all" rhetoric is really getting to me, too.

I've been meaning to write about the neo-con "Clean Break" strategy, but hadn't gotten riled up enough to do so. But, with all this shameless bluster, and Randi Rhodes pointing out yesterday that Sidney Blumenthal is making some noise about it now, I want to help in my small way to at least get the term "clean break" listed a bit more in the news aggregators.

Maybe many of you are already familiar with it, but if not, you should be...

Cuz, well, it's essentially the official roadmap of the "kill them all" strategy...

Blumenthal writes (my emphasis)...

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