Treachery From BushCo on Ports "Compromise"

The very first mention on DWT of Bush's outrageous ports sale was called "Why Is The Republican Congress Letting Bush Sell Off Our Ports To A Shaky Arab Emirate?" (exactly a week ago, Monday, February 20). A lot of hot air has been expelled and righteous indignation has been played out in front of the TV cameras but, the question still remains the same. Although every survey and poll shows that Americans overwhelming-- and vehemently-- reject this deal (today's AOL poll shows that only 9% of respondents want to see it go forward Bush is still pushing this through.

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Disgusted By Schumer

I HATE CHUCK SCHUMER and everything he stands for. It is a sad day in America when we are back resort to the politics of yesterday where party bosses decide who represents leaders and not the people of Ohio. Paul Hackett represented the best that the Democratic Party had to offer--someone insightful and willing to speak his mind. For too long in Democratic politics, we have been stuck with the choices between the Republican rhethotic and politics of bores. I do not know if Mr. Hackett would have won the primary aganist Mr. Brown, but it would be a fight that could only make the party stronger. Shame on Mr. Schumer and his disgusting tactics. If Brown loses, it won't be Mr. Brown's fault. It will be the fault of the Democratic Senatorial Committee Chairperson: Mr. Charles Schumer. Someone once said that Mr. Schumer never saw a camera he didn't like well it has become apparent that Mr. Schumer never say a primary he liked. Best wishes to Mr. Hackett and for fighting the good fight though I am disappointed in your withdraw rather that the willingness to fight.

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