The MSM Calls it for Joe

The MSM is calling it for Joe.

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70% Turnout in Connecticut

I was out poll standing at a school in Meriden for a few hours, and the turnout was steady.  I spent some time talking to a nice Joe Lieberman volunteer.  I offered her some banana nut bread, and she said "No, I'm diabetic.  And besides, I have donuts in the car."

Also she was very antiwar.  Go figure.

The Secretary of State's office is projecting 70% turnout, and in such a case it's impossible to know what's going on.  Doug Schwartz at Quinnipiac should put out a lot of statements about how this race would shape up, and his credibility and that of his university are on the line.  

I expect the Democrats to take the House and the Senate.  This race is shaping up to be really interesting.  If you haven't voted yet, get to the polls.

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Thoughts on High CT Turnout

Colin McEnroe has the line of the election:

Also,  people report it is even harder than they thought to find Joe Lieberman on the ballot. One correspondent:  "You'd have to be stupid to vote for Lieberman. And then they make it hard for stupid people to find him. It's not fair!"

Kos has pointed you to this article in the Hartford Courant about extremely high turnout in Connecticut.  

High turnout is probably good for us, and it looks like the Secretary of State is projecting a midterm record 66% of registered voters will show up to the polls today.  Seniors are Lieberman voters, and they are going to vote no matter what, so having others come out and vote is a good thing.  I know that turnout is very high in the urban areas, and that's good for us.  I don't want to say throw out the polls, but it is clear that the likely voter screens are probably in error.  This is also probably very good for the three Democrats running in hot Congressional races.

On the other hand, such high turnout suggests that voters aren't going to go straight party line Republican.  The only reason turnout is so high is because of the Lamont-Lieberman race; if they are going to the polls they aren't going to waste their vote on Schlesinger, though I suppose it's possible for some voters to go straight ticket Jodi Rell since the real low information voters are obviously coming out.

This has been a tortuous thought experiment brought to you by Matt Stoller.  Consider this a new voting open thread.

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Connecticut-specific Voting Thread

If you're in Connecticut, here's a thread for your voting experience.  Were there lines?  Problems voting?  No lines?
If you are a poll-watcher or doing GOTV, email me at matt at with observations, etc.

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Ich Bin Ein Negative Partisan Polarizing Name-Calling Finger-Pointer

Well, it's election day, the day when millions of us are out doing what Joe Lieberman calls being negative partisan polarizing name-calling finger-pointer. What are we doing to get such a label? We are voting. I know, I know - you are just excercising your civic duty to engage in the political process. But really, who the hell do you think you are? You think you have a right to ignore Joe Lieberman and his merry band of Washington lobbyists who say you are all just a bunch of negative partisan polarizing finger-pointers who engage in name-calling? You have some goddamned nerve to think that as a war based on lies gets worse and worse, you have a right to voice anything other than "stay the course" positivity and smile as the body count racks up. How dare you, really.

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