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Whew, looks like this relaunch is out the door (take the poll in the extended). I want to also mention something about the book (to justify relapsing into a post).

I came across a interesting quote today. It came from the coverage of the anti-abortion protesters, where Bush was quoted as saying (1,2):

"By changing laws we can change our culture."

"We're working to persuade more of our fellow Americans of the rightness of our cause."

And while outlining for this talk about the book I'm preparing, I came across this couple of paragraphs which cyrstalizes the situation, from CTG's Infrastructure chapter:
Right now, the problem is that Democrats are mostly playing defense. We're running around defending Social Security, defending the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, defending Roe v. Wade, and so on. Noble and crucial causes, no doubt, but they're not ideas, they're not visionary, they're not forward thinking, and they're certainly not "progressive" in the literal sense of that word, as in "promoting progress." We're basically defending the status quo that is under constant threat from the reactionary Right.  
The irony here is that Democrats have become conservative in our approach, while Republicans take hold of the power of using the government to bring about social change.

It's just that it's telling that we're in the position of getting the challenge to Alito off the ground after they say it's already over. I'll settle for anything different than the same-old-fold at this point, a little drama would do us some good.

One the one hand, it's as if John Kerry wanted to lose one all over again with us, and we were much obliged to make it happen. On the other, it's less than three days till Bush's speech. If the Republicans push for a cloture on Monday and then a vote on Tuesday (so says Frist), then why doesn't John Kerry, if he really wants to make a stand, filibuster right into the SOTU?

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Bush's True Name: 'Shrug' Not 'Shrub'

Over at the Democratic Party blog, Tim Tagaris has an excellent little roundup of things Bush has shrugged off, beginning thus:

Facts, reality, public sentiment... shrug

Associated Press - 01/26/05

Bush shrugged off a recent Pentagon-contracted report which concluded the Army was overextended and the United States cannot sustain the pace of troop deployments to Iraq long enough to break the back of the insurgency there.

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State of the Union 2006 -- Bush links

The State of the Union 2006 parody is taking off just before the real one. My thanks to Matt Stoller and everyone else up here in the blogosphere!

For those who were unable to see the flash animation version at YouTube, it's also up on ifilm and as a Quicktime file here. I also suggest pausing it to let the file load completely before playing.

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Polling Project: First Numbers

The poll is finished. The methodology can be found here. We will release the results in eight separate bursts, starting today and finishing up on Tuesday morning. The releases will follow the chronological ordering of the questions. There are twenty-two questions in the poll, plus a number of demographic questions. The release will cover questions 1-5.

The reason we are not releasing all of our information at once is because we want to give proper attention to all of the questions in the poll. Of course, in the interests of full disclosure, absolutely everything in the poll, including the raw data, the methodology, the entire questionnaire, and all of the results, will be available to the public on Tuesday morning. This will be the most public, open-source poll of all-time--Chris

If you will forgive me for being a tease, our first release will focus on perhaps the most boring questions in the entire poll:

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Bush nominates Abramoff prosocuter to federal judgeship

According to a NYT article ( cs/27judge.html) President Bush, in yet another example of the Republican party's dirty tricks, has nominated the chief prosecutor on the Jack Abramoff case to a federal judgeship. Democratics are understandably up in arms and demanding a special prosecutor to be appointed; Republicans aren't at all keen on the idea.

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