Whistle Blown on 2nd. Bush Domestic Spy Program

From the UPI:

"WASHINGTON, Feb. 14 (UPI) -- A former NSA employee said Tuesday there is another ongoing top-secret surveillance program that might have violated millions of Americans' Constitutional rights."

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Sick Republicans Bastards

The Bushies really showed their true stripes today.   "Compassionate conservatism" was no where to be found as laughing and joking about a man being shot was the order of the day.  

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Morocco cutting penises of US rendition suspects.

As soon as I think the Bush administration can go no lower, it does it again. The Bush administration is taking so-called terror suspects from Eastern Europe to Morocco where the Moroccans are cutting their penises. This is a new low for an administration which has already been guilty of firing White Phosphorus into Fallujah and melting ths skin off of people.

Temara itself already has a fearsome reputation among former inmates. Binyam Mohammed, an Ethiopian-born Briton later sent to Guantanamo Bay, told Amnesty International that interrogators there cut his chest and penis when he refused to answer questions.

Mohammed said he was held at Temara for 18 months before being flown to another "black prison" in Afghanistan in January 2004, and then on to Guantanamo Bay.

Now, the Bush administration is building a new facility in addition to Temara. Details are below.

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Where Are All the Fiscal Conservatives?

Cross posted with a photo of Uncle Cheney at StoriesinAmerica:

The party of small government and fiscal responsibility claims it has no choice but to cut funding for Medicare and Medicaid, violence against women programs, women's health services, battered women's shelters, an elderly nutrition plan, programs for veterans and student loans, but it could care less about the billions being stolen in Iraq. More than $50 billion has gone to private contractors hired to guard bases, drive trucks, feed and shelter the troops and rebuild the country we bombed.

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Bush Tags Bloggers As Terrorists!

While not a surprise, given all that has transpired in Bush's term, it still was a shocker to read that bloggers are now "terrorists." The nature of blogger terrorist acts should be a concern for both liberal and conservative bloggers: "Deliberate misinformation campaigns" may well describe actions taken by right-wingers and "activist calls" describes actions by bloggers regardless of political affiliation.

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