Reaganauts VS Bushites on NPR

Bruce Bartlett, Reaganaut and author of "Impostor : How George W. Bush Bankrupted America and Betrayed the Reagan Legacy" is being interviewed on NPR's Fresh Air on Wednesday

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The School Yard Bully Eyes his Next Victim: US Plans for Iran

The global bully, the United States, has committed war crimes by waging wars of aggression against nations who lacked the means to defend themselves against bombers dropping their lethal cargo from the safety of 35,000 feet.  Iraq, Libya, Sudan, Serbia and Iraq have all suffered civilian causalities and damage to non-military targets while failing to even scratch the paint on a single U.S. fighter or bomber.  Preparations are now underway to bludgeon another victim, Iran, whose capability to stop American or Israeli jets are negligible.

All these wars of aggression have characteristics in common and the campaign to justify and prepare to brandish American or Israel's military hegemony over the skies of Iran is not different.

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It is shaping up to be a very bad year for the GOP

Simon is the President of the New Democrat Network.

Jonathan Singer's post this am about why progressives should be excited about our opportunities this year is a good one. Let me add some thoughts.

The President starts dropping just a few weeks after an ineffective State of the Union. In some polls he dips below 40 percent, truly dangerous territory. It seems like their years of bad governance has finally caught up with them, that the American people are focusing more on deeds, not words. But can the ruthless pols running the GOP these days turn this thing around and snatch a victory from what could be a near-certain defeat?

Looking at how the year is likely to unfold, it is very hard to see how they turn this thing around.

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He's still down

The latest Survey USA 50-state poll of Bush's approval ratings is out.  As Taegan Goddard reports, in 40 out of 50 states Bush's numbers are now below 50%.

A map I made of the data is below the fold.

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Americans in the Bubble

...It's definitely relevant to Americans' well-being whether Bush lives in a bubble: in the realm of his White House, surrounded by a retinue of ideologues and incompetent cronies. It's of far greater consequence, however, whether the rest of us in America live in a bubble. while failing to recognize it, admit it, and change it...

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