Georgia Public Higher Education Conference

Georgia students stand in solidarity with other college students across the nation fighting for public higher education. This August 7-8, Georgia Students for Public Higher Education (GSPHE), will be hosting our Summer Conference in Atlanta. All who want one should be able to get a college education.

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"Read my lips no new taxes" Dems.

"Read My Lips No New Taxes" Democrats. They're here. Have they gone too far?

How far will and should Democrats go to shed the "tax and spend" labels that have been foisted on them by the Republicans and the media?  How many legitimate government services can they allow to be cut on their watch without facing a backlash?  Do we need a Democratic party that simply echoes the Republicans on tax issues?

The George Bush tax cuts have already had severe impacts on state and local governments.  Thus far Democrats in my state, Illinois, have basically accepted the cuts without protest and cut services.

Should Democrats be making more of an issue about this?  Shouldn't we be braver about it?

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NY-19 - John Hall Stands With Unions and Students

John Hall, a 35 year member of two unions (AF of M and AFTRA) joined in solidarity with CSEA, SEIU, Planned Parenthood and students in a press conference outside Sue Kelly's Office, calling on her to oppose cuts to Medicaid and student loans.

Below is Hall's statement:

"I would never dump the tax breaks for corporations and the top 1% onto the backs of students and the sick.

In Congress I will be a voice for people of the district and fight for their interests, not the special interests.

On a day where ExxonMobil again announces record profits, I oppose the $40 billion in budget cuts to student loans, Medicaid, Medicare, Child Support Enforcement, Foster Care and Supplemental Security Income."

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