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Netroots Rising

I have just finished reading Lowell Feld's and Nate Wilcox's new book "Netroots Rising" describing the growth in importance of the netroots and the blogosphere in the our democracy.  It is a fascinating read.  I was especially fascinated at the description of the contribution of the blogging community in causing the downfall of Tom Delay and the description of the Jim Webb phenomenon.  

Lowell Feld was one of the leaders of the draft Jim Webb movement.  Using his blog Raising Kaine Lowell and his band of merry bloggers built a groundswell of support that convinced Jim Webb to enter the race.  This groundswell of support translated into a "ragtag army" of committed volunteers that enabled Webb to win both the primary and the general election despite being outspent over 2 to 1.  Lowell was in the middle of all this from the beginning and the account in the book is a fascinating read.

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The afrosphere is NOT the "black blogosphere"

Update [2008-12-18 20:23:17 by Manic Lawyer]: I've reread paragraph (4) and I have no idea what readers are complaining about there. But, as I suspected, no support has been expressed in comments for Black self-determination, the afrosphere, the AfroSpear or Black bloggers, except support for self-expression in general. I didn't expect any support, but the response makes it clear to Black people why the afrosphere is NOT the Black part of the blogosphere.

I hadn't intended to write anything more at my blog, but something I heard urged me to write again.

I personally hate the term "black blogosphere". "Blogosphere" is a word invented by white people, and "black blogosphere" implies that we Blacks are merely a (minute) part of their white world.

In reality, we have our own world with our own definition of our political reality, and out of that self-definition comes our political action. In the afrosphere, we are not the "black table" in a room full of white people. We are an autonomous black conference, independent of white people, which assures our self-determination (until we are infiltrated by the FBI or the Defense Department).

If we were the "black blogosphere", then every time a decision was to be made about the nature of the blogosphere overall, we Blacks would be out-voted, out-gunned, and therefore could safely be ignored.

That's what was happening until the AfroSpear and the afrosphere came along.  Now, we are independent, with our own unique voices and self-definitions. We are not now marginalized as we were and often continue to be at white blogs, where we usually constitute no more than 3% of participants. Instead, we are at the very center of the afrosphere, aspiring to be the vanguard of the Black online world.  In the afrosphere instead of being numerically marginalized and politically ignored, we Blacks are at the CENTER.  We ARE the afrosphere.

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Why the 50 State Strategy Worked

Clearly what we're seeing with the new electoral map is a repudiation of the received wisdom that certain states simply don't matter anymore. Case in point, in the south, Obama's victory in Florida secured his win - and gains in Colorado, and Virginia helped his campaign to turn a corner.

So, the 50 state strategy worked. Dean was right.

Whats interesting is not whether it worked, given that there was 600 Million dollars from the largest donor base in the history of American politics - fed into the system. Instead, I would argue - why.

America is no longer a collection of Red and Blue states.  Thats what Obama said. But there's more. We are also a country that utilizes the Internet to help guide our voting decisions.

Think for a second , how the internet so easily traverses borders. If we write a good post here at MyDD, it could be read in restrictive areas of Communist Nations, argued about by someone in North Korea, with comments from London, Germany and Australia to follow.

Why not, the 50 states? Here in Atlanta, we see alot of people from Florida flying through to their destination. Georgia does alot of business with Florida.  

My point is that the United States, is now like the Internet.  Although different states follow different ideas, a bit like different websites focus on different things - the idea of a "blogosphere" where the facts are ferreted out and subjected to fact-check and scrutiny - has caught on in a big way. Just as inter-state voting patterns - such as Colorado, and New Mexico- can affect even places like Arizona (which ultimately went to McCain, no surprise - but by how much - this was the Senators +home state+ no less). Every campaign here on out is an internet campaign, every voter an internet voter, and every presidential race, a 50 state strategy.

What do you think?

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I Heart Digby.

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Video from the Gala Dinner at Take Back America 2007 in Washington, DC - June 19, 2007

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