Richardson Blog Round Up for Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Governor Richardson spent last night in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. He was the first presidential candidate of this campaign season to visit the Cowboy State. New West's Jackson Hole editor Gil Brady covered Governor Richardson's trip. Brady reported that the governor was asked why Wyoming voters should consider "him and his clean, alternative energy proposals" given the economic importance of fossil fuels in the state. Governor Richardson replied that he believes Wyoming, like New Mexico, has great potential to transition to wind power as a significant energy source:
The candidate added he was worried about greenhouse gas emissions "threatening Yellowstone's eco-system," encouraging Wyoming to convert its gangbusters coal production to cleaner methods. He also said the United States and Wyoming had to strike a balance between fossil fuels and clean energy to remain competitive with Japan.
The governor is having a lot of success with his efforts to reach out to voters and caucus-goers all over the West.

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Richardson Blog Round Up for Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Last week, Governor Richardson made a six-day trip to meet with caucus-goers all around Iowa before his winning performance at the ABC News Democratic Candidates' Debate on Sunday morning. He visited communities all over the state, holding Job Interviews, unveiling his policy platform for jobs and the economy, and spending a day at the Iowa State Fair. On Friday, the governor talked about his plans for his first six days as President in Oskaloosa, Iowa, home of William Penn University. For The Oskaloosa Herald, Duane Nollen covered the event:
If Democrat Bill Richardson is elected president, he will have a busy first six days in office.

Richardson told a crowd of about 80 people in Smokey Row Friday afternoon his plans for the top six priorities of his first days in office. Richardson stopped in Oskaloosa as part of a campaign swing through the state before the Democratic debate in Des Moines Sunday.

"I represent change and I have the most experience," Richardson said. He said the country needs a candidate with a proven record on foreign policy and who has managerial experience as a governor of a state...

Audience members had a favorable reaction to Richardson's speech. "I agree with a lot of the things Bill says," said Bruce Bobrtje, of Pella. He said this is the second time that he has seen Richardson speak. The big thing for Bobrtje is that Richardson is the only Democrat to advocate a complete troop withdrawal from Iraq.

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Richardson Blog Round Up for Monday, August 20, 2007

Governor Richardson truly shined at yesterday's ABC News debate at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa. The governor's debate performance has drawn praise from all over the Internet. He "led the debate" on Iraq, he "adroitly handled the issues" and "rose to the occasion and to the presidential level." He was "strong on education,""assertive,""endearing," and "fiestier" than ever before. At Liberal Values blog, Ron Chusid wrote"if anyone can be declared the winner it would be Richardson." More on the governor's excellent debate performance in a minute, but first, a look at some other discussions going on.

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Richardson Blog Round Up for Thursday, August 16, 2007

Following up on Fredreka Schouten's front page story in USA Today this morning, Mark Memmott wrote about where and whom canidates are receiving contributions from: has a new online tools for judging just how open the candidates are being about who is giving them money.
Memmott wrote that Governor Richardson scored the highest on's "disclosure meters" out of all presidential candidates from both major parties. You can look at his score (95.8%) and more details about his "disclosure meter" rating here.

In Cedar Rapids today, Governor Richardson delivered a major policy address about the economy and jobs. At MSNBC's First Read, Mark Murray commented on the appropriate timing of the speech, considering the country's current economic climate:

When does the economy start getting more traction in the presidential race? Yesterday, per CNBC, the Dow was down for a fifth-straight day; over that five-day period, it's been down 5.8% -- the market's biggest percentage drop since January 2003. Moreover, the S&P was down 91 points over this five-day stretch, the biggest point decline since July 2002. Timed to these stock market woes, Richardson today unveils his jobs and economic plan, which includes measures promoting fiscal responsibility (calling for a Constitutional amendment requiring a balanced budget, slashing corporate welfare, rolling back Bush's tax cuts for the wealthiest), spurring investment in technology and innovation, and investing in the American workforce (tax credits for employers who create good jobs).

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We're All Democrats Here...or At Least Most of Us

This will be a short diary...or at least as short a diary as a rambling person like myself can write.

All I really want to point out is the increased use on MyDD of a common phrase. It seems to be becoming very common for arguments about candidates to get so heated that one person in the argument accuses their opponent of not being a real Democrat, or saying something along the lines of "You hate X candidate so much...I bet you'd vote for a Republican over them!" The accused is then left to write what is possibly the most common post on this site: "I like all of our candidates. I would vote for any of them in the general." Often, this post is unsolicited, as if the user merely wishes to showcase their Democratic credentials.

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