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Late in the evening of October 23, 2004, I coined the term Blogosphere Day. At the time, I was directing the online campaign in PA-08 for Ginny Schrader (D-Blogosphere) and was trying to do anything possible to hype her campaign. Little did I know what would become of a two minute entry on dkosopedia.

To be perfectly honest, I'd forgotten about it until it showed up in the National Journal just as Tim Tagaris and I were plotting on when to kick of the online fundraising for Paul Hackett. The rest, as they say, is history.

Today, there has already been $16,395 raised online for ActBlue. Yet if every US Senator who has applauded the event were to max out, that number would triple.

A couple of other thoughts on the tradition and on teamwork...

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Sen. Harry Reid Supports Blogosphere Day

I just got this statement in on Senate Majority Harry Reid's support of the 4th Annual Blogosphere Day!

I am immensely proud that 17 of my Senate colleagues have joined me in using ActBlue to build our Democratic majority, and I expect many more to do so this election cycle.

Blogosphere Day celebrates the greatest aspiration of our democracy: people coming together to change the direction of their country.  By enabling Democrats from all walks of life to work together, to pool their passion and energy, and to elect candidates who represent their values, ActBlue has created a unique strategic advantage for the Democratic Party.

Your investment in ActBlue builds resources for our best candidates, our best activists, and our best ideas -- and your contribution today makes the biggest difference as we pave the road to November 2008.

Please support ActBlue today.

For more background on to the value of ActBlue check out the linked articles or today's round-up of activity.

Update: Sen. John Kerry is blogging at Firedoglake about Blogosphere Day!

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Happy Blogosphere Day!

Today is the 4th annual Blogosphere Day. Ned Lamont explains in an e-mail he sent out this morning:

One year ago today, the national blogosphere came together to support my candidacy for Senate in Connecticut. Through a wave of small online contributions, thousands of people across the country became invested in our underdog primary campaign and helped to push us to an important victory in the Democratic Primary just a few weeks later.

Two years ago today, the blogs rallied around Paul Hackett's special election campaign for Congress in Ohio. Three years ago today, it was Ginny Schrader's grassroots campaign in Pennsylvania.

July 19th has come to be known as "Blogosphere Day" - one day every year in the middle of the sleepy summer when the online community rallies to support a grassroots campaign and propel it into national prominence.

This year, instead of supporting a candidate, Blogosphere Day is being devoted to building an essential component of the progressive infrastructure, Act Blue. Mike Lux makes the pitch over at Open Left:

Today, on Blogosphere Day, please give directly to ActBlue to allow them to keep building and expanding their ability to help all of us. Supporting ActBlue directly, allowing them to expand their reach, will do more to strengthen progressive politics than any other contribution you could make.

Gen. Wesley Clark, Sen. Chris Dodd and Sen. Dick Durbin have posts on the importance of Act Blue as well.

You can join the celebration by giving to Act Blue today.

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Ned Lamont on Blogosphere Day

Over the past few years, the progressive blogosphere has become one of the leaders in the reform effort to take back the Democratic Party. Implied in the fact there is a battle to take back the our Party is the realization that some have led us astray. If the problems troubling Democrats had a human face, it would be Joe Lieberman.

Ned Lamont is celebrating Blogosphere Day III by matching every contribution made online, so go help out and then come back here for some background on the day and some reflections on the progressive the blogs have made between 2004, 2005, and 2006 cycle netroots support.

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