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A video of former Vice President Al Gore's speech addressing America's energy crisis has been posted on this site's front page under the posting, "A Convenient Truth".  It is approximately 30 mins. long.  My favorite part is at the 21(ish) minute mark.  At this point, Al Gore speaks to McCains proposal to encourage oil drilling off Ameirca's coasts.  

If you haven't had an opportunity to view Gore's speech to address America's energy crisis, and, btw, the impact of the world's current energy sources on climate change, when your time permits, the video is readily available on this site.  IMO, this is a video every Democrat shoud watch.  Heck, every American should watch this video!

Thank you, Jerome.

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A Convenient Truth

From the diaries, jerome

Today, former Vice President Al Gore laid out his plan to address America's energy crisis.  "The United States should be making all of its electricity with renewable and carbon-free energy in 10 years." Stressing the need for America to end its dependence on oil and coal, Gore laid out a plan for the country to "produce all of its electricity from renewable and carbon-free sources", a goal he compared to President Kennedy's challenge for the country to put a man on the moon.  Utilizing Sun, wind, and eco-friendly resources, America can contribute to a reduction of the "threat of climate change", relieve itself from the economic impact of "rising oil prices", and reduce the "transfer of wealth to oil producing countries".  "I don't remember a time in our country when so many things seemed to be going so wrong simultaneously....America's security, environmental and economic crises are all related", Al Gore said Thursday.

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Al Gore: "The answer is to end our reliance on carbon-based fuels." (w/ video of speech)

Al Gore says it all today and shows where we must go.

The whole speech, followed by Barack Obama's words of support.  Come on folks, pull your sleeves up.  We've got work to do.

Text of the speech, after the fold.

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Gore's speech on energy


"I have never seen an opportunity for the country like the one that's emerging now," Gore said ahead of a speech on energy and climate that he was to deliver Thursday in Washington.

Crud, I've been so wrapped up in work this week that I forgot about getting tickets to Gore's speech today in DC:

The Alliance for Climate Protection, a bipartisan group that he chairs, estimates the cost of transforming the nation to so-called clean electricity sources at $1.5 trillion to $3 trillion over 30 years in public and private money.

He's undoubtedly right. Why dump a ton of money into "clean coal" when we could instead invest it into something that's renewable, from the wind, sun and other earth-friendly energy sources.

But here's the dilemma, the backers of coal are a strong lobbying group, they count Dems such as Barack Obama and Brian Schweitzer among their proponents. Likewise, the backers of drilling for off-shore oil are a strong lobbying group, and have plenty of Democrats advocating for it, as does the expansion of nuclear. And those three things are pretty much all of what Republicans want, while many Democrats want nothing of it anymore asap.

Take a look at the Newt Gingrich "American Solutions" page for 'drill here, drill now, pay less' and you'll see 1,350,831 people have signed the petition. And look over at Al Gore's "We Can Solve It" page and 1,377,689 people have signed the petition to "support repowering America" through clean energy.

Pretty evenly divided. My guess is that not a single thing is going to happen until there's a compromise made. We can either continue to go as is, to hell in a handbasket, or a solution will be brokered that does the dirty fuels that we are addicted to right now, and invests into the clean fuels for the future. I'd love for the nation to roll with Gore's plan, but its not going to happen with carbon-based advocates blocking the way.

The pathetic thing is that George Bush will have dumped nearly $1 Trillion dollars into the desert of the Mideast war before we get him out of the office of the presidency. With that kind of money, imagine if we'd have had a president that took 9/11 as a mission to have gotten off of the addition to the middle east's oil instead.

But he said it would cost about as much to build coal plants to satisfy current demand. "This is an investment that will pay itself back many times over," Gore said. "It's an expensive investment but not compared to the rising cost of continuing to invest in fossil fuels."

Al, We Could Really Use Your Help Right About Now

Mr. Vice President, this is America calling.  We're kind of screwed.  We should have listened to you awhile back.  Boy, that's already cost us, and it's likely to cripple us.

Mr. Vice President, this is America begging.  Set aside your jet-set lifestyle.  Set aside your pride.  Set aside the weirdness of running for a job you already had and by all accounts didn't much enjoy.

Mr. Vice President, this isn't even about the Democratic Party anymore.  This is America calling.  There's a fierce urgency of now.  We've got to find a way to solve our energy crisis and the looming change in our climate.  

Mr. Vice President, there's no one else who can immediately and totally dominate this conversation.  You'd have to tweak your message slightly, so as to emphasize our energy needs beyond the attached climate change issues.  You might have to pivot to nuclear power.  However you do it, Mr. Vice President, you're the man for the job.

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