Time to Act Blue in Virginia!

Raising Kaine and ActBlue are joining forces!  Thanks to the powerful fundraising tools brought to the netroots by ActBlue, RK is launching its first coordinated fundraising campaign for our progressive Virginia candidates.  The first slate of candidates: Chap Petersen, Janet Oleszek, Bruce Roemmelt, Carlos del Toro, and Troy Farlow.  We'll be adding more great candidates soon, but we're excited to have this first great round of candidates in important '07 races.

Let's show the Virginia GOP the power of our progressive community and raise a combined $1,000 (or more!) in 15 days for these candidates and RK.

As you all know, this is an important year for progressives in Virginia.  Every single seat in the Virginia General Assembly - 40 in the State Senate and 100 in the House of Delegates - is up for election.  And Democrats have a real chance at capturing the Senate and making serious gains in the House.  Such success is especially important, as this is the last chance before redistricting in 2011.  And, given the fiasco of a transportation "compromise" the Republicans just passed, Gov. Tim Kaine (D) could use some more allies to help pass a REAL transportation plan next session.

So please click here to make your donation to your favorite candidate(s) in Raising Kaine's new ActBlue coordinated fundraising page!  Or you can spread your donation out to them all!

Thanks for all your support over the years.  And let's "Raise Kaine" for Tim Kaine and Virginia progressives!

(For more on these individual candidates, click through to the extended entry.)

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Block Bush's Radical Judges - Take Back the Senate in 2006!

Now that we've entered the final month before the most significant mid-term elections in a generation, the pressure is rising for Democrats to do all they can to wrest control of congress from the Republicans. It's time to start undoing some of the damage that the Republicans have done to our country in the 12 years since they took control of congress in 1994. However, that job will remain difficult while George W. Bush serves the remainder of his final term as President.

As President, Bush will still retain significant power especially if the Senate remains in Republican control. Bush's role in making political appointments will allow him to extend the influence of his radical administration well into the future, particularly if another Supreme Court vacancy occurs within the next two years. Therefore, retaking control of the Senate should be of prime concern to Democrats with the means to volunteer their time or money to candidates this year.

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DWT: Why We Should Support Mike Caudle for State Rep

This morning DownWithTyranny offers an extended profile of the candidate I'm working for, Mike Caudle, and adds Mike to the combined FireDogLake, DownWithTyranny, and Crooks & Liars Blue America ActBlue page. (You can also read my post on Mike and why I decided to get involved in his campaign here.)

DWT offers a number of reasons why the Netroots should get behind Mike beginning with the national implications of Mike's race.

If you spend much time at DWT you know my greatest passion isn't about the 2008 presidential elections nor even about all Bush's criminality. It's about taking back the Congress from the rubber stamp enablers-- predominantly the Republican sell-outs that hold a majority of each house, but also defeating Democratic Party sell-outs like Joe Lieberman and Al Wynn too. But as we work towards retaking Congress between now and November, we must not lose sight of an even bigger picture: electing progressive Democratic majorities not just this year but also for many years to come.

Part of this broader effort is electing Democrats at the municipal and state legislative levels so that there are more than enough progressive candidates to sustain a robust majority in future Congresses (a point I will get to in a moment).

Another, perhaps even more important factor is controlling the redistricting process in key states across the country come 2010. But we cannot afford to wait until 2010 to start winning elections for governor, secretary of state and state legislature in the hope that everything will just come together that year and fair, if not favorable Democratic district lines will simply appear. Instead, we must fight to wrest control of state legislatures from the hands of the Republicans, particularly in chambers in which the GOP's majority is paper thin, and additionally work to protect Democratic majorities in chambers in which they are tenuous.

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Ned Lamont on Blogosphere Day

Over the past few years, the progressive blogosphere has become one of the leaders in the reform effort to take back the Democratic Party. Implied in the fact there is a battle to take back the our Party is the realization that some have led us astray. If the problems troubling Democrats had a human face, it would be Joe Lieberman.

Ned Lamont is celebrating Blogosphere Day III by matching every contribution made online, so go help out and then come back here for some background on the day and some reflections on the progressive the blogs have made between 2004, 2005, and 2006 cycle netroots support.

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