A proud moment--my thoughts

A great and wonderful night last night.  A clear victory.  It's going to be an exciting transition, and I can't wait for the inauguration speech.  McCain gave a really classy concession speech.  Can Obama govern?  I hope he avoids the mistakes that Bill Clinton made in 1993--the dithering, the poorly vetted appointments, focusing on the wrong issues, the secrecy over the health care plan.  Getting off to a strong start is important.  This in important opportunity for Democrats--don't blow it.

The only damper on this is the passage of Prop. 8.  It's just not there yet for gay marriage.  It won even in LA County, which
was the killer.  The No side running an awful campaign didn't help.

Downballot was slightly disappointing, though with Merkley winning Oregon (whew!) it's going to be a six seat pickup in the Senate, pending the Minnesota recount.  Twenty seats in House was below almost everyone's estimate, including the MSM.  I was a less optimistic in my prediction, since I saw fewer pickup opportunities than others did.  We both won and lost some close races.  In California, I'm wondering if Prop 8 may have hurt Charlie Brown in CA-04.

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Dartmouth celebrates (with pictures!)

Cross-posted from my personal blog, The Wayward Episcopalian.

One day I will be an old man sitting in a rocking chair yelling at those damn kids to get off my lawn. When that day comes and I look back and reminisce on my college years, the memory of last night's celebration will without a doubt be my strongest, fondest, and all around best.

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Next Day down-ballot

At home, Warner won a huge blowout in Virginia, 64-34, and his coattails helped Obama win the state for a Democratic candidate the first time in 44 years. I wonder if Tim Kaine is going to be moving into the administration? That would bump up the current Lt. Gov Bolling, who is a bit of a conservative (to say the least) to the governorship. The interesting thing is that Attorney General Bob McDonnell is the likely Republican candidate for governor in 2009, as Bolling has said he's running for re-election. Hmm.

Really?  We are at 56 Senate seats. That's it?  Five is fine going into '08. I was thinking, like most, that 58 was the floor-- we really needed at least 58 Senate seats to make sure we have a working majority. Are there 4 Republicans in the Senate that will not work to block every progressive policy on the list?  It looks like again, all of the close races, AK, MN, OR (still a lot of votes to count), and GA-R reaching 50, are going one way-- unfortunately the Republican way. Alaska? Well, the headwind, 62-36, McCain over Obama, was apparently too much for Democrats to defeat two corrupt Republicans. Nevertheless, Stevens is toast in the Senate. Replaced by Senator Palin in 2010?

I'll hopefully be able to look at the national House seats more later, some really great wins, and some tough losses. Republicans are down to just three CD's in the state of NY! We are over 250, which is plenty for a progressive agenda, maybe another 5 or so to be gained. Like the Senate, we are going to fall short of the high expectations, gaining somewhere around 20 seats. I love that Democrats won in Idaho, the 1st CD, by Minnick. When we were writing CTG and traveling around the country, Idahoans that we talked with were deep in the wilderness but had done all they could to learn about the Montana miracle. They gained leg seats in '06, and finally have won a federal race.

At the state leg level, Democrats won new majorities in the Delaware House, Ohio House, Wisconsin Assembly, New York Senate, and the Nevada Senate.

OK, I'll admit, I'm greedy for the progressive movement, and wanted more than just a pickup of 5 in the Senate and about 20 in the House.

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Obama over 270

I'll go ahead and predict that Obama wins in Florida.  In 5 minutes he's going over 270.

North Carolina is trending away, toward McCain. Indiana is still to close.

Congratulations, President-elect Obama.

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Let me be the first to say

I have a new senator; her name is Jeanne.

I am watching election returns at the only Kappa Kappa Kappa frat, commonly called Trikap (founded in the 1850s, mind you), in the country with the rest of the Dartmouth College Democrats, ie, the first youth voters to ever turn out in full force. This college's eligible turnout was around 80%, and we couldn't be happier. Forgive me for making a non-weekend front-page post, but as someone who has lived just 15 minutes from the former Aryan Nations compound in North Idaho, I would like to note that there is a certain delicious and beautiful irony in the fact that we are celebrating the election of the nation's first black president in a Greek house called KKK - a frat that has its own African-American president.

With Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New Hampshire all called, I'd like to be one of the first, if not the first, to say:


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