Voter turnout truth

The revised national turnout rate for those eligible to vote was 61.2% or 130.4 million ballots cast for president, an increase of 1.1 percentage points over the 60.1% turnout rate of 2004, but less than the 1968 turnout rate of 62.5%.  Sorry, no record turnout.

Of course, there are still outstanding ballots to be counted (including absentee, provisional, and write-in ballots).  But, earlier estimates of 133.3 million ballots or more were way too high (largely) due to an over-estimation of absentee ballots.  But, don't tell the press - - these facts don't fit their stories!

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Is there space in the Democratic party for conservatives?

I'm a conservative Democrat, a former elected official and a current elected county party official.

I could not get behind Obama, so I followed the advice of Old Thom Paine ("Lead, follow, or get out of the way.")  From convention to election, there was no lurking, no trouble making, no trolling and no sock puppetry from me.

Now that the election is over, I'm back and still a Democrat.  But, I still haven't bought "the dream".  I didn't fear the apocalypse, but I don't anticipate the rapture.

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Stop! Thief! Cheney's leaving!

I would not want to be the paper shredder in Dick Cheney's office.

That poor device is going to be running 24/7 from now until January 20, 2009.  It probably started when CNN declared Obama the winner and has been going non-stop since.  That crooked and devious thief is going leave behind a remarkably thin paper trail.  When he's done 'clearing out', his office will look like Christmas morning in Who-ville after the Grinch cleaned them out.  Just some hooks on the wall, a few wires and little piles of dust here and there.

Image courtesy of Dr. Seuss
Image courtesy of Dr. Seuss

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From Rev. McClurkin to Prop. 8

I'm not looking to re-fight the primary. But, history is prequel.

Hillary had an apparent early lock on the old school liberal, civil rights, women's rights and gay rights establishments in N.Y., L.A. and D.C. So, Obama went around them.

The Obama campaign took off in South Carolina, with the Obama campaign's "Embrace the Change" gospel concert series, featuring Rev. Donnie McClurkin. He's the guy who headlined the final show, declaring, "God delivered me from homosexuality." /reverend-mcclurkin-at-oba_n_70202.html

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Minority turnout - Personal or permanent?

Obviously, there was record voter registration and record turn out among minority voters, inspired by the person of Barack Obama.

Black, brown, red, yellow, tan - - they came out for Barack.

But will they return? And, if so, what will they otherwise do?

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