On the 6th Anniversary of the IWR, Vets Speak Out for Merkley

Today marks the 6th anniversary of the Iraq War Resolution. As of today, we've lost 4,181 brave men and women and thousands more have been injured. Our moral standing in the world has been weakened and we're mired in debt. We desperately need new leadership in the White House and we need to increase our numbers in Congress to finally put an end to the war. Here in Oregon, Iraqi veterans are speaking out in support of Barack Obama and Oregon Senate candidate Jeff Merkley. More below the fold....

Full disclosure, I am the netroots director for OR-Sen candidate Jeff Merkley

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RNC to pull plug on joint ads with McCain?

Yesterday at Open Left, Chris Bowers had this advice for the opposition in his very upbeat presidential forecast:

When it comes to offering concern troll advice to McCain and Republicans, I would recommend shutting down all paid media, and firing all campaign staff. McCain should take his remaining money, and distribute it to the RNC, NRCC and NRSC. Target a few close House and Senate seats to try and limit the damage, but otherwise save money for 2010 and 2012. When you are beaten, it is probably better to  withdraw, save what troops and resources you can, but live to fight another day.

Crooked Timber reported today on the latest from the rumor mill:

So I hear (via a prominent member of the sane Republican faction) that the word on the right side of the street is that the Republican National Committee is about to pull the plug on its joint ads with the McCain campaign, and devote its resources instead to trying to save a couple of the senators who are at serious risk of losing their seats.

On one level, this strategy makes the most sense for the RNC. McCain is looking more and more unlikely to win 270 electoral votes, so helping him is probably not the best use of resources.

On the other hand, it would be devastating to Republican morale for the media to start reporting that the RNC had given up on McCain. I suspect that would depress GOP turnout in a lot of states, perhaps putting more House seats in play even as the RNC blankets the airwaves in behalf of a few vulnerable senators.

Use this as a thread to discuss anything related to campaign advertising by candidates or outside groups.

Here in Iowa, Republican incumbent Tom Latham is running lots of tv and radio ads in the fourth district (D+0), while 10 worst list honoree Steve King is not up on tv or radio and is barely campaigning in the fifth district (R+8). We could pick up both of these seats if expectations of an Obama landslide depress Republican turnout. (Today SUSA released yet another Iowa poll showing Obama above 50 percent and leading McCain by more than 10 points.)

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FL-25: What a Week for Joe Garcia!

It's been one helluva week down here in South Florida, and the summer-like heat is boiling over in our race in FL's 25th District.

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Democrats gaining in San Diego County

On a more positive note, Democrats are closing in on the GOP's
long-time voter registration edge in San Diego County:

http://www.signonsandiego.com/news/metro /20081009-9999-1n9vote.html

The article notes that the number of Democrats in the county
has increased by 65,000, while the GOP has only added about 26,000 voters.  Currently the partisan breakdown is (as of 10/1)
37.1% GOP, 35.9% Dem, and 23.2% decline to state.  If this keeps up, the Democrats could even surpass the GOp in registration.

The deadline here is the 20th.  California, despite its blueness, has a lot of very conservative regions, so to see this
GOP bastion turn purple is very encouraging.

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OR-Sen: Wyden Featured in Ad for Merkley!

Republican Gordon Smith loves to tout his work with Democrats like Senator Ron Wyden, but in the race for Oregon Senate, Senator Wyden wholeheartedly supports Jeff Merkley. Today, Oregon Senator Ron Wyden is hitting the airwaves showing his support for Oregon Senate candidate Jeff Merkley in a new campaign ad. More below the fold....

Full disclosure, I am the netroots director for OR-Sen candidate Jeff Merkley

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