Blue Dog John Barrow Suddenly Appears Vulnerable

Meet John Barrow.

He's a member of the Blue Dog Coalition.

And he represents the 12th congressional district of Georgia, a congressional district won by President Obama in both the primary and the general election.

Congressman Barrow was among the 34 Democrats who voted against the health care bill [SOURCE:  Roll Call 165].  That vote earned Barrow the ire of Democrats within his district.  Several Democratic lawmakers have either withdrawn their support from Barrow or endorsed his primary opponent, former state Senator Regina Thomas [Peterson, Larry (2010-3-24).  Black backlash against health care vote looms over Barrow's re-election prospectsSavannah Morning News.  Retrieved on 2010-3-27.].

Tony Center, the local Democratic county chair, says Barrow is in some real trouble. 

"I think it has brought his whole voting record to the forefront," Center said.

Center said he's "very disappointed" and that the [Chatham County Democratic] committee repeatedly called on Barrow to back the bill.

CQ Politics reports there are rumblings of a bigger name challenging Barrow in the July primary.

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