Someone is going to get 2nd place in New Hampshire, but who? Trump is going to win. If he lost, that would be a major shocker. If he wins with less then 30% of the total vote, it's not strong. If he wins with more than 35% of the vote, he's got his momentum back. In between 30-35% is what is about expected.
So, Cruz, Rubio, Bush, Kasich, they are all in 2nd place in one of the tracking polls right now. Cruz and Rubio may have lost momentum, Bush is regaining some of his lost support, Kasich has momentum.... who knows.

If Clinton keeps the win by Sanders to below double-digits, she's done well. Yes, the count is stacked to Clinton's side. Even with a loss, Clinton will take most of NH's delegates. If Bernie did anything, he should take up the cause to demand a complete overhaul of the Democratic nominating process. No more caucuses, no more super-delegates; just a straight up democratic process. It's just ineptitude and cronyism as it works now.