There's little argument to deny that Obama won the caucuses, in large part, especially the early ones, by his appeal to Republican voters. Nothing wrong with that; a vote is a vote. And I detest the un-democratic nature of the caucus anyway, so the more instability, the better to force its riddance.

That said, one of the the narratives forming is that if Sanders wins in Nevada, it's because of tampering votes. ie, Republicans with an agenda to nominate the least electable. I don't know that Sanders is more unelectable than Clinton at this point, the multiplicity of electability flaws abound.

After reading a few recent reports, I believe now that Sanders is going to win in Nevada. Very few people are excited about electing Clinton. She may have mortally wounded herself with going and giving those paid speeches to the bankers, and now refusing to release the transcripts of her speech.

If Bernie wins resoundingly in Nevada, by 55-45, say, then it matters. A tie does not really move the ball much. A solid win, and a week to spend in South Carolina, might make it interesting. I'm still very skeptical, but starting to see the possibility.