Time to relaunch the blog again. This would be the 5th iteration of the blog*. This time, launched on Ghost. A couple of notes to ponder. I am writing because... no reason. It's just words of expression that want to happen. I have not blogged in 4 years, and not regularly in over 6 years. I expect the content will be radically different than the most recent blogging that went on here, as it won't be just about politics, for sure. I guess what has most spurred me on to writing again is beginning a PhD program at George Mason. This first semester, as I get back into the habit of being able to churn out 10-20 page essays, has relighted the spark. Everything is different, every day is the beginning of a new experience. That's what we have to live for in this world, enjoy it and make the best of it while you still have the time.

*I count the iterations by the launch platforms since 2001, when the first re-launch, after writing in html on the site since the late 90's happened; that was with Grey Matter, the first blog cms with comments. Both TPM and Political Wire were using the cms, so I installed it too, but went a step further by turning on the comments. That changed everything. The second relaunch happened in late 2002, with Movable Type, and the website became a fulltime community political blog; the third with Scoop in 2003-2008, the height of the Netroots; the fourth, with the Webstrong Netroots blog platform, for 2009-2010, when the blog went dormant. Ghost, this newest interation, is a open source JS application. My friends in Brazil, Gustavo Costa and Daniel Dhremer installed it a day while they were here in the DC area.