Some friends from Brazil set this up a while ago, when they were visiting and I had caught their political bug for a week, but it left just as quick. I'd not intended to blog anytime soon again. Instead, I've been writing a nonfiction novel, and it has nothing to do with politics! Ha.

But, I will take the time to make a prediction here on this blog about what's going to happen. Coming Monday-- I hope. It's actually a lot more exciting than I thought it would be for the contests. Fascinating on both sides. I can't say that I have a first choice either.

I voted Libertarian last cycle, after having set up the website and technological backend for Gary Johnson. Thank goodness, that was the last campaign I will ever work for again, but it was good medicine, cleansed me from all of the partisan groundwar I'd been wallowing in for a decade with the Democratic establishment.

Given that, I don't expect I get much in the way of readers-commenters here, but maybe one or two dozen, lol. No ads or other crap on the blog. I doubt it will be all political, we'll see. So, Monday...