"Clinton's massive superdelegate lead puts her ahead 481-55 in delegates to the Democratic National Convention, according to the AP's count."

Insurmoutable comes to mind. It does look like a 'tie' is going to happen in Nevada, then the SC primary, where I expect Clinton will win by double-digits. I don't see anything that's changed the direction this is heading.

GOP SC. Trump is losing some of his mojo octane that he's running on. Here's my revision of the numbers:

Trump 40 to 28%
Really stupid moves that have resulted in his not being able to broaden his appeal.

Rubio 14 --> 20%
Second place now, very nice rebound from the NH disaster. The 2nd most electable.

Cruz 22 to 18%
He's losing out to Rubio, plain and simple. Unelectable comes to mind.

Bush 12 to 10%
I am hoping he falls even further, and is offed.

Kasich 5 to 12%
He has traction. Will finish ahead of Bush. Along with Rubio, the most electable. VP?

Carson 5 to 2%
Done. Finished in SC.

If Rubio does finish 2nd, and Bush finishes 4th, then Bush is done, out, and Rubio will become the main opposition to Trump. A Florida-Ohio, Rubio/Kasich ticket comes to mind, in a brokered convention... as the anti-Trump.

I am going to predict now that Clinton selects Mark Warner of Virginia for VP.