MyDD FAQ and Usage

I can't post a diary!

You have to register with the site to post a diaries. Comments can be posted by anonymous users. Yes, a new user must wait a week after joining before being able to post a diary, and some other functions are also phased in with time.

Troubles logging in

99 percent of the time, login problems can be traced to cookies. You must have cookies turned on. Scoop uses them to remember your user preferences, display preferences, and comment preferences.

If you have cookies on, and it still doesn't seem to work, then it might be a cookie logjam. You might have an old, non-working cookie lying around which prevents the setting of a working one.

First try going to and then try logging in again.

If that doesn't work, try pulling up the cookie manager or file on your browser and look for any cookie that mentions Delete any you find, restart the browser, and give it another try.

Another thing that I've noticed is that if your clock time on your computer gets out of whack, moved forward in the date or time, that you'll be logged off unexpectedly. Fix to the current time/date, and this will cease to be a problem.

Trusted and Untrusted Users

This site uses a system called "Mojo" to try to keep the comments as high-signal as possible. All users can rate all comments as Super. When your comments are rated by others, those ratings are combined into a weighted average -- newer comments count more than older ones -- called your "Mojo". This, roughly, represents the rating we could expect your next comment to receive based on your past comments.

Users who have a mojo greater than a certain minimum and who have posted a sufficient number of comments are considered "trusted" users, and have the added capability to hide offensive comments that are personal attacks.

What are the comment viewing options?

At the bottom of each story, you can set how you view the comments about the story. You have several options that allow you to make it easier to read and follow a discussion:

  1. Display: Minimal, Flat (default), Threaded, Nested and Dynamic. Of the 4, minimal just shows the comment names in a nested format. The other three show more information. Flat and Nested show ALL the body of the comments, in either a flat format, or a nested format. Threaded shows the comments in a nested format, with any comments that are replies to other comments in a minimal format. In addition, dynamic mode allows you to expand and collapse comment and threads without refreshing the entire page. Try them and see what works best for you.
  2. Rate: This is whether you want to be able to rate comments. We recommend that you leave this on and rate comments. Feedback is always a good thing.

Once you have made your changes, click the set button and watch them come into effect. We recommend you try several different settings. Fiddle around and see what works best for you.

Personalize the site

You can add a profile to your site. Simply click on your name anywhere you see it displayed, click on the profile tab, and fill in the information and save. Personal information is not public.


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